Life on the Lily Pad
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Life on the Lily Pad

Kids will love making these sparkly glitter tube butterflies!
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Creatology™ Craft Foam Sheets – Assorted Colors
  • Creatology™ Sparkly Chenille Stems
  • Creatology™ Glitter – Green
  • Creatology™ Glitter Tube – Sugar
  • Creatology™ Wiggle Eyes
  • Creatology™ Craft Glue
  • Creatology™ Glitter Pom Poms – Medium (2) and Small (8)
  • Plastic Gems, 14mm
  • Styrofoam® Ball, 1¾" (2)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush (or Craft Stick)
  • Plate (or 7" and 9" Round Object)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cover Styrofoam® ball with glue. Shake on glitter. Let dry.
Step 2 Cut shape templates out of foam.
Step 3 Glue two pom poms to top of frog. Attach wiggle eyes. Attach chenille stem piece for mouth.
Step 4 To make legs: Bend a 2" piece of chenille stem in half and insert one end into ball. The other end should be bent about ½" from the end and glued onto one of the foam feet. Cut two other ½" pieces of chenille stem and glue onto foam feet to make them look webbed.

Step 1 Attach two medium, then three smaller pom poms in a row on a chenille stem to form the body.
Step 2 Cut two wings from glitter paper using the pattern. Glue to underneath side of body.
Step 3 Glue plastic gem eyes to each side of head.

Step 1 Cut petal shapes from pattern (12 dark, ten light). Glue the dark colors together in an overlapping pattern to form a circle.
Step 2 Glue the light colors together in an overlapping pattern to the inside of the dark circle.
Step 3 Glue five small pom poms to a large pom pom for the center of the flower.
Step 4 Add glue where desired for glitter. Apply glitter and let dry.

Lily Pad
Step 1 Cut a 9" circle and a 7" circle out of craft foam.
Step 2 Glue the smaller circle to the center of the larger circle.
Step 3 Cut a wedge out of the circle.
Step 4 Apply glue and glitter as desired. Let dry.


Use a paintbrush or craft stick to spread glue. Apply glitter over a paper plate so leftovers can be re-used. Refer to photo.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Lori Butler courtesy of Advantus/Sulyn Industries.