Lighted Happy Snowman on Glass Block
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Lighted Happy Snowman on Glass Block

Paint this fun frolicking snowman and watch him dance with glee!

Designed by Pamela Bowes, Dion's Decorative Designs, courtesy of DecoArt®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • DecoArt┬« Americana┬« Gloss Enamels:
  • White
  • True Blue
  • Black
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Bright Orange
  • Hauser Dark Green
  • True Red
  • Surfaces:
  • Glass Block with Removable Plug
  • Brushes:
  • 18/0 Script Liner
  • #2 Round or Liner
  • #4 Flat
  • Medium or Small "Scruffy" Brush or Medium Deerfoot Stippler
  • Supplies:
  • Glamour Dust - White Iridescent Glitter
  • 20 Count Lights or Single Bulb with Cord
  • Low Heat Glue Gun & Glue
  • Wide Roll or Ribbon - Color of Choice
  • Powdered Facial Blush (Bright Pink Color)
  • Hairdryer
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Stylus or Sharpened Pencil
  • Water Container
  • Palette or Plastic Plate
  • Paper Towels

Project Instructions

Allow to dry between painting steps. Try not to touch glass where it is to be painted on. Dry with hairdryer after each layer of paint. You can bake in oven (do not apply ribbon before doing this and remove plug at bottom of glass block) as directed on bottle or let cure itself as directed on bottle.

Remove plug from bottom. Make sure plug is on bottom of glass block before starting to paint scene.

Using a dry, small or medium scruffy brush dipped in white enamel paint start to form the snowman’s body. He is tipped to one side like he is dancing. Start with the outside edge and work your way into the center of his body. Stop and dry with hairdryer. Repeat process as desired to achieve necessary coverage. Dry with hair dryer Dot coal buttons with stylus or sharpened pencil starting at the bottom of the snowman and working your way up his body. Curving them as you go.

Apply facial blush to cheeks with a cotton swab.

With 18/0 script liner paint eyes with black enamel paint. Start with the line below the eye. With the back end of a brush or a large stylus, dab into black enamel paint and dot the eye. You may also paint the eye circle if you would like to. Starting at the corner of the eye, paint a small eye lash going out from the eye. Add a dot (with a stylus or sharpened pencil) on each side of the eye (cheek area) with a mix of True Blue and a touch of white. Dot each corner of the eye with white. Dry with hair dryer.

With a #2 liner or round brush using Bright Orange enamel paint, paint the nose. Load brush with paint making sure you have a nice point on the brush by rolling it back a forth on your palette a bit, start with pressure on the brush and as you start forming the nose, ease up on the pressure of the brush and come right up to the point. It is basically painting a leaf but in orange. Dry with hair dryer.

With the 18/0 script liner and black enamel paint stroke out the mouth using little pressure on the brush. This is a half smile. Add side of smile on one side. Add eyebrows if desired. Dry with hair dryer.

With a #4 flat brush using True Blue or color of your choice, paint scarf. Start with the scarf around the neck first, then add the two ends of the scarf starting from the neck scarf area and paint out like they are flying in the breeze. Dry with hairdryer.

Using the #2 liner or round brush and Dark Chocolate stroke arms starting from the sides of the body out. Dot some white on top to look like snow if you like. With the 18/0 Loew-Cornell script liner and white, add fringe on scarf. Add embellishments to scarf if desired. Dry with hairdryer. 

With scruffy brush dab on snow at the bottom of glass square, underneath snowman and trees. Dry with hair dryer. Repeat and add iridescent glitter before drying again. 

Using the #4 flat brush loaded in Hauser Dark Green and then the tip of the brush dipped in White, hold the brush perpendicular and apply pressure on the chisel and “flick” your first stroke down for the tree top. Below that to each side of that stroke, place two strokes. Pick up more paint and place three strokes below that and continue going down the tree in this manner. Add iridescent white glitter while wet if desired. Dry with hair dryer. 

With a stylus or sharpened pencil add dots to tree with True Red. 

Snowflakes: With the 18/0  script liner using White paint a cross, one line down, one line across, then add two more strokes in between those. This makes a star/snowflake. Dot all ends of star/snowflakes with white using a small stylus or sharpened pencil. Apply these in the area behind the snowman and trees. Dry with hairdryer.

After block as cured (I usually air dry) place a set of 20 count colored or white lights into glass block or a single light with cord. I usually put white lights with white strings. But any color will work out great but only put a string of 20 in glass block. Make sure the string comes out of the bottom. You can slit the plug if you want and pull the cord through it. Put plug back into bottom of glass block with cord coming out of it and it works fine.

Glue a wide piece of ribbon all the way around the block. Glue the bottom, place ribbon and wrap ribbon to meet at the top of the glass block and glue there. Make a full bow and tie with thin wire. Glue a small 6 inch or so piece of ribbon on each side of the middle of the top (under the bow) for extra embellishment. Glue bow in middle of top, on top of the two small pieces of ribbon. Cut these too small pieces of embellishment into points at the end.

Light up and enjoy!


Wash glass block in soap and water (outside only) and wiped down with rubbing alcohol or vinegar prior to starting project and completely dry. No water can be used with enamel paints.