Lily Sugar’N Cream® Corked Coasters and Hot Pad
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Lily Sugar’N Cream® Corked Coasters and Hot Pad

These easy to make cork coasters and hot pads made with Lily Sugar’ N Cream® Cotton are great for a beginner and a perfect way to get kids involved in a fun craft activity.
Designed by Lily Sugar' N Cream® Design Team
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Lily Sugar’N Cream® Ombres Yarn (56.7g/2 oz.): 1 Ball of #02046 Earth Ombre
  • Store-Bought Knitting Spool

  • Note: 1 Ball will make 4 coasters or 1 hot pad and 2 coasters.

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Coaster: 4-inches [10cm] in diameter.
Hot Pad: 7-inches [18cm] in diameter.

Step: 2

**Pull end of yarn through center of the Knitting Spool, leaving a 4-inch [10cm] tail of yarn. Wrap working end of yarn around each peg in counterclockwise direction. Once all pegs have been wrapped, work in a clockwise direction, holding the yarn around the outer edge of the next peg. With Knitting Spool hook, lift the lower loop up over the yarn and over the peg. Cont working around each peg in this way, working in a continuous circle to form a tubular cord.**

Step: 3

Cont in this manner until cord is 35-inch [89cm] long. To cast off, *take last stitch worked and place it on peg to the left of it. Lift the bottom stitch over this stitch. Rep from * until 1 st rem. When one loop remains cut yarn, leaving length of yarn 25-inches [63.5cm] long. Pass the end through the last loop and pull firmly.

Step: 4

Work as given for Coaster from ** to **.

Step: 5

Cont until cord is 100-inches [254cm] long. Cast off.

Step: 6

Finishing: Beg with cast off end, coil the cord into circular shape and sew tog using whipstitch.

Step: 7

beg = Beginning
cont = Continue(ity)
rep = Repeat
rem = Remaining
st(s) = Stitch(es)
tog = Together

Step: 8


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

Make a variety of sizes to fit under your pots, cups, and casseroles, or keep going and make a rug for your kitchen or doorway!