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Instant Gratification!

Knit and crochet items feature prominently in the fall fashion season. Whether you are a novice or a needlecrafter with experience, it's never been a better time to take up your needles and hooks. New yarns are designed with fun in mind. There are many new Lion Brand yarns made for quick knitting and crocheting— instant gratification at its best. Not only are they easy to use, but you don't have to know complex techniques or stitches.

What Everyone's Making

Fashionable, functional accessories are hotter than ever before. Hats, scarves, wraps and mittens are just a few of the fun items you'll want to knit or crochet this year. They work for everyone, young or old. The new aspect in knit and crochet accessories is the type of yarns used to make them. They look freshest in exciting colors and textures. Try Lion Brand's Homespun, Wool-Ease, Lion Boucle, Chenille Thick & Quick or Fun Fur for your accessory making.

Make A Scarf!

Scarf making is practical and fun. For a first project, making a scarf couldn't be easier, as there is no sizing or shaping. A brand new knitter or crocheter can make a successful project in a textural or novelty yarn that hides any unevenness in tension. Yarns like Homespun and Lion Boucle are perfect for easy scarf knitting or crocheting.


Scarves and other accessories don't have to be dull and boring. Spice them up with well-placed fringe, tassels or pompoms. They can be understated and simple or large and exaggerated. These embellishments can be made in the same yarn or a contrasting yarn.

Big News In Knit & Crochet

Thick yarns along with big needles and hooks make it easier and quicker than ever to get your projects done quickly. Lion Brand Yarns such as Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and Chenille Thick and Quick are perfect for this type of fast knitting and crocheting.

Combining Yarns

One way to make a thick yarn work with large-sized knitting needles and crochet hooks is to combine several strands of yarn together. For example, you can use one strand of Fun Fur with one strand of Homespun to create a unique one-of-a-kind new yarn. When working in this manner, be sure to work with large enough needles or hooks to keep the fabric from becoming too firm.

Fur Looks

Hot looks this season include fur trims, furry jackets (real and faux), Sherpa-style trims on jackets and coats along with denim trimmed with furry collars and cuffs. Lion Brand's Fun Fur is the perfect yarn for trims, full garments or to use in combination with other yarns. From scarves and hats to denim trims, Fun Fur is ideal and it comes in natural tones, bright shades and jewel tones that suit everyone's taste and needs.

Easy-Care Yarns Simplify Life

Using exciting colors and texture doesn't mean you have to sacrifice easy care. Yarns such as Homespun offer the best of both worlds. The colors are fashionable, the yarn is fun and easy to work with and it's machine washable and dryable. This makes it the perfect yarn for children, adults and home decorating. The painterly effect of Homespun works for everything!

For The Baby

Projects for babies now take on a whole new look and feel. Look for brighter colors, interesting textures that are just the thing for the contemporary baby. Lion Brand offers a host of "baby-appropriate" yarns: Homespun Baby, Babysoft, Jamie and Pound of Love are yarns targeted specifically for the baby market. Also consider yarns such as Cotton-Ease and Microspun—both suitable for a modern baby. Lion Brand knows that modern Moms want wash-and-wear babywear and blankets—all these yarns can go into the washing machine and dryer.

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