Magnetic Kitchen Organizer
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Magnetic Kitchen Organizer

Keep your lists and frequently used supplies handy on this magnetic board.
Designed by Roxi Phillips
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Krylon®-
  • Indoor/Outdoor Paint- Khaki and Banner Red
  • Krylon® Chalkboard Paint
  • Krylon® Preserve It!®
  • Krylon® Easy Tack™
  • Wooden Letters- T,O, D and O
  • Acron Dowel Caps 3/8
  • Round Neo Magnets
  • Gorilla Glue

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Spray paint magnetic board with Krylon® Indoor/Outdoor Paint in Khaki; allow to dry.

Step: 2

Spray backside of scrap printer paper with Krylon® Easy Tack™. Use paper to mask off rectangular section, 6 x 10” on face of board. Spray section with Krylon® Chalkboard Paint; allow to dry. Remove masking paper.

Step: 3

Mask all but edges of board with papers. Spray edges with Krylon® Chalkboard Paint; allow to dry. Remove masking paper.

Step: 4

Cut four 3” circles from scrap paper. Spray backside of circles with Krylon® Easy Tack™; apply to center of canister lids to mask transparent area.

Step: 5

Remove black section dividers from canisters.

Step: 6

Spray canisters, wooden letters and dowel caps with Krylon® Indoor/Outdoor Paint in Banner Red. Replace canister dividers.

Step: 7

Trace wooden onto Paint-A-Mag sheet and cut out with scissors. Adhere magnetic shapes to backside of letters and Round Neo Magnets to bottoms of dowel caps with Gorilla Glue.

Step: 8

Arrange letters, dowel caps and canisters on magnetic board. Fill canisters with office supplies. Write “to do” list on Chalkboard with white chalk. Attach notes with magnetic dowel caps.


Remove black divider inserts if needed to fit larger supplies.