Marbled Leaf Cards
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Marbled Leaf Cards

These fun and simple cards give unique results every time. Make a bunch at one time to send throughout the year, or to use as accents in other papercrafts. Designed by Becca Malone
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Krylon Stained Glass Color - Red, Blue, Yellow and Clear
  • Watercolor Paper
  • White Greeting Cards- 2
  • Masking Fluid
  • Chunky Leaf-Shaped Stamps
  • Black Pigment Ink Stamp Pad and Clear Embossing Powder
  • Sheet of Dark Blue or Navy Card Stock
  • Rubber Stamp with Message
  • Embossing Heat Gun
  • Plastic Water Basin Larger Than Paper to be Painted
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Newspaper
  • Ruler or Cutting Guide
  • Sharp Craft Knife

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Stamp 2 watercolor papers with leaf stamps and masking fluid. Allow mask to dry completely.

Step: 2

Fill basin halfway with water and spray water surface with light coat of Stained Glass Sheer Color in red. Immediately roll one masked piece of watercolor paper onto paint surface and then immerse completely. Re-spray water with both red and blue Stained Glass Color, let pattern form and repeat dipping process. Dip until desired effect is achieved. Use the same technique with yellow and blue for the other card (change water if necessary). Allow cards to dry completely.

Step: 3

Remove masking fluid by rubbing with forefinger or good quality, clean eraser.

Step: 4

Trim painted watercolor paper ¾” smaller than finished height and width of pre-made card.

Step: 5

Stamp with a message stamp (if desired) using well inked black pigment ink stamp pad. Emboss with clear embossing powder.

Step: 6

Adhere painted card onto dark blue cardstock with Spray Adhesive. Trim margins of blue cardstock to 1/8”.

Step: 7

Carefully position and affix card to front of pre-made card using Krylon Spray Adhesive. Weight card to flatten and allow adhesive to dry.


Most spray paints can be used with this technique. Stained Glass paints offer a more transparent look, while other paints provide more solid-looking color results. For more color choices, choose any color of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint.