Marbleized Vintage Ladies Card
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Marbleized Vintage Ladies Card

Create your own marbleized look with Smooch™ Inks.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hampton Art Cling Stamps - Vintage Ladies
  • Clearsnap® Smooch™ Inks: Taffy, Sassy Pin, Plum Twist and Snickerdoodle
  • Clearsnap® Archival Dye Ink Pad - Wicked Black
  • Cardstock - Hot Pink, Bubblegum Pink, White and Plum
  • Food Storage Container (Large Enough to Hold Paper for Marbleizing)
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishment - Rhinestones
  • Adhesive
  • Foam Tape

Project Instructions

How To Marbleize With Smooch™ Inks

Pour about 1" of tap water into a food storage container that will accommodate the size paper you wish to marbleize.

Choose three or four Smooch™ ink colors. Darker colors add depth to the marbleizing, so make sure you have a few deeper tones. The sample card used Sassy Pink, Taffy and Plum Twist.

Take the applicator of the Smooch™ ink bottle, and touch it lightly at the water's surface. There’s no need to submerge the tip into the water. All of the marbleizing happens on the surface. Note: the first color you apply to the water bath spreads very thinly across the surface. Sometimes it's hard to see any color at all, and you may think it’s not working. As you apply more ink, you’ll see the colors condense, and the shades will deepen. The Smooch™ inks don’t blend together, the colors remain separate, allowing the marbleizing to take place.

Continue adding dots of each color until you’re happy with the look of the color concentration and pattern. Putting dots of different colors inside of each other creates a bullseye pattern. You can also drag a toothpick slowly through the inks to create different shapes and marble effects. Also, try flicking the applicator tip quickly across the surface to form waves and spirals.

When you’re ready to dip your paper, hold the cardstock in both hands over the water. Drop in one side, then let the other side fall gently into the bath. The paper will lie flat on the surface. DO NOT SUBMERGE YOUR PAPER. Remove it from the water bath, and allow the excess water and ink to drip off onto a paper towel. Don’t blot the surface. Dry flat, or use a heat tool.

Making the Card

Marbleize a piece of white cardstock 4¾"x3¾" following the instructions above. When dry, glue to a piece of plum cardstock. Wrap a metallic ribbon around the card, and tape to the back. Then mount this piece on a folded 8½"x5½" hot pink cardstock.

Stamp two Vintage Ladies on a 1½"x2¾" bubblegum pink cardstock. Color in ladies with Smooch™ inks: Snickerdoodle, Sassy Pink and Taffy. Layer this piece with larger pieces of plum and hot pink cardstock. And attach to the card with foam tape.

Glue on Rhinestones.