Marguerite Masquerade Martini Glass
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Marguerite Masquerade Martini Glass

Plan a festive Marguerite Masquerade party and use this awesome Martini Glass for your table centerpiece. Click here for matching party projects.

Designed by Chris Thornton for Delta Creative®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Delta Creative® Air-Dry PermEnamel™ Tangerine
  • Delta Creative® Air-Dry PermEnamel™ Ultra White
  • Delta Creative® Air-Dry PermEnamel™ Royal Purple
  • Delta Creative® Air-Dry PermEnamel™ Crocus Yellow
  • Delta Creative® Air-Dry PermEnamel™ Surface Conditioner
  • Large Martini Glass
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Glaze Series 7550C, No. 1-inch
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Round Series 7000C, No. 3
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Liner Series 7350C Size No. 0
  • Loew-Cornell® Seawool Sponge
  • Palette
  • Transfer Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Water Container
  • Paper Towel
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Working With PermEnamel
Do not apply PermEnamel™ products within ¾-inches of any area that may come in contact with food.
Be sure to allow a little extra drying time between coats with PermEnamel™. It may feel dry to touch but has not bonded with glass yet. If you don’t allow the first coat enough time to bond, the color will slip and slide, making a mess.
Because glass is non-porous, it will take more coats for opaque coverage.
PermEnamel™ will air-dry to touch in a few minutes. When air-dried for 10 days, PermEnamel™ is cured and is dishwasher, microwave, and oven (3 up to 350 degrees F.) safe.
Do not use water with PermEnamel™ . Water will break down the properties of the paint. Only use water for cleanup. When floating, use either Thinner or Retarder. My personal favorite is a mix of 3 parts Gloss Glaze to 1 part Thinner.

Step: 2

Wash painting surface with warm soapy water. Allow to dry.

Step: 3

Using the 1-inch glaze brush, apply very liberal coat of Surface Conditioner. The PermEnamel™ Surface Conditioner is extremely important for this technique! It creates the bond between the glass and the color. Surface Conditioner will leave a milky look on glass. When the milky look appears, begin painting. A thin coat must be reapplied every 4 hours. You may apply the conditioner right over painted areas.

Step: 4

Basecoat top Crocus Yellow leaving 1-inch clear band at lip.

Step: 5

Using seawool sponge, pick up small amount of Tangerine, pat on palette to remove excess, then pat on glass starting at top and working down about 2/3 of the way.

Step: 6

Repeat process with seawool sponge using Royal Purple + a touch of Ultra White, working down glass about 1/3 of the way.

Step: 7

Transferring Pattern
Lay tracing paper over pattern. Trace all lines. Lay tracing on surface, and tape in place. Slide graphite paper between tracing and surface, draw over main lines.

Step: 8

Basecoat stem of glass, do branches, moon and bats all in Ultra Black using Liner Brush Size No. 0.

Step: 9

Allow to cure for 10 days.


Refer to photo to complete project.
Follow manufacturer’s direction for products used.
If you have never worked with PermEnamel™ be patient, it’s a lot of fun to work with.