Memo Board with Pockets
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Memo Board with Pockets

Stay organized with this colorful memo board! With pockets for organization and a cheerful theme, staying on track has never been easier, or more fun!

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • FloraCraft® Foam Sheet- 1"x12"x36"
  • Bandanas (3)
  • Painted Wood Shapes- Sun, Flowers (3) and Frog
  • Buttons- Assorted Sizes and Colors
  • Ribbon- Assorted Sizes and Colors
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Short Pins

Project Instructions

Place the bottom bandana onto the sheet sideways so that one corner is about 13 1/2" down from the top of the sheet. Pull it tight around the sides of the sheet and pin in place. Pin the middle bandana in place on top of the bottom bandana with the top corner centered at the top of the sheet. Pin the top bandana in place with the center of the bandana across the top of the sheet. You may need to adjust slightly to get the spacing right between the bandanas. Once they are centered, pull them tightly around the sides and glue in place at the back.

Fold up the bottom corner of the bottom bandana so the fold is even with the bottom of the sheet. Pin at bottom corners to hold the fold in place. Measure 2" up from the bottom of the sheet and pin folded bandana again at each side, creating a 2" pocket. Trim the front of the pocket with ribbon by wrapping the ribbon across the front and sides of the sheet and pinning the ends around the back. Fold the corner of the bandana back down over the ribbon trim. Pin ribbon trim across the top edge of the pocket. Now, accordion fold the corner of the bandana and glue in place under the pocket trim. Glue a button in the center. Repeat this step, creating 2" pockets at the bottom of each of the other bandanas.

Lay the flowers in place on the bulletin board. Create stems from lengths of ribbon and leaves from small loops of ribbon. Pin in place, then glue buttons where the leaves attach. Glue the flowers, bee and sun shapes in place, as shown.

Pin loops of ribbon to create a lily pad, as shown, then glue the frog in place.

Glue and pin a piece of ribbon to the back of the sheet for a hanger.


Add labels to the pockets using fabric paint to stay organized.