Mermaid Halloween Costume
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Mermaid Halloween Costume

Be a mermaid for Halloween with Duck Tape!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • T-Shirts – Neon Blue (2) and Neon Green (1)
  • Celebrate It™ Wedding Tulle – Ivory
  • Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Peel and Stick Tape
  • Duck Tape® Sheets – Teal, Winking White, Light Blue and Lime Green
  • Duck Tape® Rolls – Electric Blue
  • Duck Tape® Markers Bright
  • Crop-a-dile™
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

T-Shirt Top

Cut sleeves off shirt.

Use a Crop-a-dile™ to punch holes around the neckline, spacing approximately 2" apart.

Cut the neon green shirt bottom into strips. Cut open strips and pull to make long strings. Tie strings through the holes to create a fringe around arms as shown.

Lace a long string through the neckline holes and tie fringes at “V”.

Cut two shells out of the Winking White Duck Tape®. Use Duck Tape® markers to decorate.

Cut circles out of Lime Green Duck Tape® sheets.

Use some of the circles to decorate on the T-shirt, save other circles for the skirt.



Use a neon blue T-shirt and cut under the arms across to make a tube shirt. Use the hemmed side as a waistline.

Cut 2'- 3' feet of tulle off the bolt. Use several layers to tape to the T-shirt skirt.

Use Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Peel and Stick Tape to tape layers of tulle to blue T-shirt.

Use Duck Tape® to create a waistband and reinforce the attachment of the tulle to the skirt.

Begin to cover a layer of tulle with light blue Duck Tape®, creating the fish tail.

Cut ovals out of the Duck Tape® sheets. Cut in half and use as scales. Begin to overlap scales on the tulle starting at the bottom of the tail and work up, as shown.

Add scales around waistband.

Add Duck Tape® circles as accents on the scales.

Once finished with the Duck Tape waistband cut open to fit. Add Velcro® to close.