Mesh Ribbon Topiary
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Mesh Ribbon Topiary

Use multiple colors of mesh per pot for tonal effect. For smaller topiary, use 6" Celebrate It® Mesh Ribbon spool and small size clay pot.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Celebrate It® Mesh Ribbon - Color of Choice (12")
  • FloraCraft® Styrofoam® Ball, 3"
  • Styrofoam® Block - Green
  • Celebrate It® Ribbon - Color/Style of Choice
  • Celebrate It® Tulle Spool - Color of Choice
  • Wooden Dowel, 12"
  • Ashland™ Clay Pot, 6"
  • Floral Pins
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut mesh into 6" wide strips. Each pot will use approximately 40-50 strips total, depending on how tightly they are curled.

Step 2 Roll curls lengthwise, then twist and fold at center to create a V shape.

Step 3 Pin through center and push into Styrofoam® ball. Repeat until ball is full, with no Styrofoam® showing except small gap.

Step 4 Push dowel into gap on ball. Remove dowel and fill hole with glue, then reinsert.

Step 5 Use craft knife to trim green Styrofoam® brick to fit inside the clay pot, level with the top. Glue corners of brick to pot if necessary.

Step 6 Insert other side of dowel into the center of the brick, deep enough to prevent wobbling, then remove. Fill hole with glue and reinsert dowel. Secure dowel to brick with additional glue if necessary.

Step 7 Fold and gather tulle around Styrofoam® brick, and pin as needed until foam is covered.

Step 8 Tie ribbon around pot and secure with glue if needed.