Martha Stewart Crafts™ Metal Primer
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Martha Stewart Crafts™ Metal Primer

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Martha Stewart Crafts™ Metal Primer is a white, rust--preventative, indoor/outdoor primer that dries to a satin finish.  Use on new or old, painted or unpainted metal surfaces.


On what types of surfaces can I apply metal primer?

Any ferrous (iron-based) metal surface.

How should I prepare a surface for metal primer?

New metal – Wash with soap and water; wipe with white vinegar-dampened cloth. Let dry completely.

Old metal – Remove any rust using a wire bristle brush. Sand smooth using fine grit sandpaper, then wash with soap and water. Let dry completely.

Do I need to shake the bottle to mix?

Yes, shake the bottle well to mix thoroughly.

What types of tools should I use?

Apply metal primer with a soft bristle brush, or a utility brush for larger surfaces.

How should I apply metal primer?

Brush onto the prepared metal surface using smooth, even application. Let dry 24 hours before painting.

Can I use this with the Martha Stewart Crafts Spray Paint Kit?

Yes, mix 1 part metal primer mixed with 1 part Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Spray Medium. Apply as directed on spray kit packaging.

How many coats do I need? 

Only one coat of metal primer is necessary.

How long should I wait before applying a basecoat? 

Wait 24 hours. Afterward, you can apply any Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paints of any finish: satin, high gloss, metallic, pearl, or glitter. 

Can I use metal primer on outdoor surfaces?

Yes. Martha Stewart Crafts Metal Primer was developed specially as a rust-preventive primer to be used on all outdoor metal surfaces.

How should I clean my tools after priming? 

Clean tools while still wet. Use soap and water or Martha Stewart Crafts Brush & Stencil Cleaner: apply cleaner; work into lather, rinse in cool water and let dry.

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