Mixed Media Scrapbook
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Mixed Media Scrapbook

Designed by Mary Feliciano with Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Screw (or Bolt) – Blue
  • Ribbon Mix
  • Metal Accent
  • Decorative Adhesive Tape (Optional)
  • Notebook*
  • *Can be substituted by craft paper in stores rather than cutting the notebook apart.

Project Instructions

Unfold the metal accent and make one hole at about 1/8 inch down from one end of the metal. Repeat on the opposite end. Put the holes together to form a quadrilateral.

Trace the quadrilateral from Step 1 over a stack of blank paper and two craft paper then cut paper on mark. Note: you can use the notebook from the mixed media line as well with the notebook cover in place of craft paper. As an option, you may also paint on the craft paper using your desired medium.

Gather the two craft paper and blank paper stack and create one hole at about 1/8" down on the upper left corner.

Choose the better of the two craft paper, this will be the front cover of your scrap book. Take the selected front cover and decorate using decorative adhesive paper as in the project sample. You may also cut a ribbon out of the ribbon mix and glue on the front cover.

Gather the blank paper stack, place the front cover from on top of the stack and the second cut out craft paper on the back.

Place the quadrilateral metal accent on top of the paper stack so that all the holes created are aligned. Insert the blue screw through the holes then secure the back using the bolt.

Take the Ribbon Mix and attach to the skinny “neck” part of the blue screw using the jump ring it came with.