Montana Fine Acrylic Markers
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Montana Fine Acrylic Markers

Item# fa2337

Montana Acrylic Markers feature brilliant water-based, pigmented, acrylic matte colors. The optimum flow control pump valve system allows accurate handling and application. The markers come in a variety of nib sizes; the extra-fine and fine nibs are the best choice for fine details work. The ink is lightfast, and works great on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, metal, walls and glass. Perfect for interior use.

Available colors:

  • Makeup
  • Royal Red
  • Malachite Light
  • Sahara Beige 
  • Flash Yellow
  • Power Orange
  • Fire Red
  • Gleaming Pink
  • Acid Green
  • 100 Percent Cyan 
  • Black Shock 
  • Pure White Shock 
  • Light Blue Shock 
  • Light Green Shock 
  • Blue Shock 
  • Red Shock 
  • Orange Shock
  • Green Shock 
  • Dark Blue Shock
  • Pink Shock
  • Yellow Shock 
  • Light Pink Shock
  • Dark Green Shock
  • Dark Orange Shock 
  • Brown Shock 
  • Kent Blood Shock 
  • Light Yellow Shock 
  • Lilac Shock 
  • Silver Outline 
  • Iron Curtain 


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