Mother of Pearl and Shell Necklace
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Mother of Pearl and Shell Necklace

Elemental elegance. Use these treasured crystals and pendants to create a powerful statement necklace!

Designed by Margie Pankhurst

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing Silver Chain from the Shoreline Collection
  • Bead Landing Silver Rhinestone Toggle from the Shoreline Collection
  • Bead Landing Silver and Mother of Pearl Pendants from the Shoreline Collection, 3 count
  • White Mother of Pearl Disks from the Shoreline Collection, 42 count
  • Blue Bicone Crystals, 28 count
  • Jumprings, 44 count
  • Bead Landing Head Pins from the Shoreline Collection, 28 count

Project Instructions

Measure off a 24 in length of chain.


Attach the rhinestone toggle to the ends of the chain with a jumpring.


Find the center of the chain length and attach one of the pendants with a jumpring to the chain.


Measure 3 inches out, on each side of the center pendant and attach the other two pendants with  the jump ring.

Evenly space the 42 white mother of pearl disks with in the center 12 inches of chain length. Attach each with a jump ring.


Thread a headpin through on of the bicone crystal. Bend the pin to form a right angle.  Cut the pin approximately 1/4 inch beyond the bead. Use the round end of your pliers to grasp the end of the pin and curve the pin by using a rolling motion to fold it over a single round prong.  You may need to release the pin and continue the rolling motion again. Before closing the loop attach it to  the chain and or the jumpring of on of the mother of pearl disks.  Repeat this step 28 times. Evenly disperse the bicones across the necklace.