Mr. and Mrs. Robin Hood Costumes
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Mr. and Mrs. Robin Hood Costumes

Take your Halloween spirit on a rockin’ Robinhood adventure! T-shirts and felt make great costume materials; hold them together with Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™ and spritz on Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™ for a look fit for storybooks! Designed by Cheryl Ball
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™- Olive and Sapphire
  • Aleene’s®™ Fabric Fusion™
  • Stiff Felt - 1 Each of Gray, Brown and Black; 4 Green
  • Felt Sheets- 4 Green, 3 Black and 1 Brown
  • Shirts- Dark Green, Lime, Green and White
  • Ribbon - Brown
  • Feather
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper
  • Low-Tack Masking Tape
  • White Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Clothespins
  • Newspaper or Plastic Tablecloth
  • Safety Pin
  • Sewing Pins
  • Blow Dryer - Optional

Project Instructions

Step: 1


Step: 2

Place two pieces of green stiff felt on work surface and use ruler to measure in about 7” from one end on long side and mark with chalk. Measure up about 2” from bottom and mark.

Step: 3

Fold bottom of felt upward at 2” mark on both pieces of felt.

Step: 4

Use chalk to draw a very light line from each side at fold lines to 7” mark at top edge. Cut along each line. Place cut felt piece on other felt piece and cut to match.

Step: 5

Apply a bead of Fabric Fusion™ along cut edge of one piece and press in place on other piece, aligning edges and holding together with masking tape or clothespins until dry.

Step: 6

Cover work surface with newspapers then place hat on surface. Place paper towel under folded brim to cover remainder of hat.

Step: 7

Start Sapphire Fabric Spray Paint™ on paper towel to get a feel for spray. Spray outside edge of folded brim. Flip over hat and repeat step.

Step: 8

Use sharp scissors to cut two small incisions toward front of hat then insert feather.

Step: 9


Step: 10

Use pencil to lightly trace patterns onto color of felt indicated; trace number of pieces specified. Cut out.

Step: 11

Glue gray and black sections together then glue to one side of brown section.

Step: 12

Glue other brown section in place, holding together with clothespins placed close to handle to secure until dry.

Step: 13


Step: 14

Prewash, dry and iron T-shirts.

Step: 15

Add a strip of masking tape about 3” from hem on sleeves and about 3” from neckline, with tape around back then creating a “V” shape in front as shown. Run a fingernail along edges to prevent seepage.

Step: 16

Cover work surface with newspaper then place shirt, front side down, on surface. Cover areas not to be sprayed with paper towels.

Step: 17

His shirt: Start Sapphire Fabric Spray Paint™ on a paper towel then spray taped off areas on sleeves and back of neck. Flip over shirt and repeat step on front of shirt. Let dry - a blow dryer will speed this step. Remove tape.

Step: 18

Her shirt: Add tape to neckline and sleeves then spray with Olive.

Step: 19

Use scissors to cut about 1½” in along hem of sleeves, cutting out about 1” wide sections, every other section to create design. Refer to photo. Cut out center of “V” at neckline.

Step: 20

Measure up and cut off about 6” from hem of dark green shirt. Place dark section inside green shirt and adjust so about 4” shows. Add a bead of Fabric Fusion™ to inside hem of green shirt then press in place. Let dry.

Step: 21

Cut out sections along hem to match sleeves.

Step: 22


Step: 23

Lay out lime shirt and cut off about 6” from hem and set aside. Cut open the center front of shirt, rounding at neckline and cutting off neck ribbing.

Step: 24

Cut sleeves from shirt along inside of seam.

Step: 25

Cut four ½” snips on each side where shown on vest. Thread ribbon like shoelaces through slits then tie a knot to inside and trim ends.

Step: 26


Step: 27

Cut a sheet of black felt into four equal-length strips. Use Fabric Fusion™ to glue ends together creating a long strip, adding more strips as needed to fit around waist with a 4” overlap.

Step: 28

Use a pencil to lightly trace buckle patterns on stiff gray felt and cut out.

Step: 29

Glue buckle about 5” from one end then glue on small piece where shown.

Step: 30

Safety pin in place when belt is worn.

Step: 31


Step: 32

Cut across green shirt just under sleeves.

Step: 33

Tape off up about 3” down from cut edge. Cover remaining fabric with paper towels then spray taped off section with Sapphire Fabric Spray Paint™. Remove tape and let dry.

Step: 34

Cut out sections of fabric as shown.

Step: 35

Cut a small snip on inside sewn hem of shirt. Measure ribbon around waist and add 6”, then cut. Attach safety pin to one end of ribbon and insert into snip. Run pin along inside hem section of shirt, looping around and exiting back out at incision. Tie a small bow or knot.

Step: 36

Shoe Covers:

Step: 37

Enlarge pattern to desired size if needed to cover shoes. Pin onto green felt then cut out.

Step: 38

Use pencil to trace around laces pattern onto light brown and cut out.

Step: 39

Glue laces in place as shown and let dry.

Step: 40

Cut four 5” lengths from ribbon then glue one end to heel area. Let dry then tie ribbon to hold in place over shoes.


Spray two to three lighter coats of Fabric Spray Paint™ rather than one thick one for a clean edge.