Multi-Colored Braided Cuff
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Multi-Colored Braided Cuff

This bright, eye-catching cuff bracelet is created with silver wire and assorted seed beads. Three separate sections are braided together for a unique look.

Designed by Marie Vetrano

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Toho Beads, 11/0 – Colors of Choice
  • Toho E Beads, 4mm – Colors of Choice
  • Toho Seed Beads, 11/0 – Black
  • Darice® Bead Spinner
  • Beadalon® Memory Wire
  • Wire, 20ga – Silver
  • Memory Wire Shears
  • Round Nose Pliers

Project Instructions

Cut Beadalon® memory wire into 11 separate coils, each 1½ coils long. 

Use round nose pliers and loop one end of each wire. 

Load Toho beads into a Darice® bead spinner container. 

Place container into bead spinner. 

Switch on bead spinner and dip fingers into center of bowl so beads well up along sides.  

Dip memory wire into spinner at a slight angle, just skimming the surface along the edge. Hold wire firmly and allow beads to climb. Turn the wire so end is facing up before removing from the bead spinner. 

Slide the beads down the coil and dip wire back into the bead spinner bowl. 

Continue until you have about a half inch of wire remaining. Coil the end with round nose pliers. 

Repeat with remaining coils. 

Separate beaded wires into three sections. 

Cut two 6" sections of 20ga wire. Loop one end with round nose pliers several times. String a 4mm bead, a loop of a beaded coil followed by a 4mm bead. Repeat pattern with remaining coils. Loop end of wire several times, so bead strands are snug together on wire. Cut off excess wire. 

Gather each of the three beaded sections and, holding firmly, braid them four or five times. 

Repeat Step 11, making sure that the beaded strands are in order and lie flat. 

Adjust strands and wire ends on finished cuff.


It is very helpful to have extra seed beads in the bead spinner bowl. Skim the surface of the beads to load the wire. Do not let wire hit bottom or sides of the bowl. This will cause beads to fly everywhere. String several strands of wire with black beads to create more contrast. Refer to photo.