My Blue Heaven Earrings
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My Blue Heaven Earrings

These romantic dangles are versatile in both color and style. Wear them with jeans, a sweater, or with a little black dress. Designed by Barb Switzer.
Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Top-drilled AB Teardrops – Blue (2)
  • Iris Round Beads, 8mm – Blue (2)
  • Seed Beads, Size 6 – Gold-tone (2)
  • Beaded Spacer Beads – Brass (4)
  • Wire, 24 ga. – Gold-tone (6")
  • Earring Wires – Gold-tone
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Cutters
  • Crimping Pliers

Project Instructions

Step 1 Use chain nose pliers to make a 90° bend an inch from one end of a 3" piece of 24 ga. wire. Slide a top-drilled teardrop bead onto the wire so it sits next to the bend. Gently bend the wire, pushing it up next to the teardrop. Where the wires cross, bend the long wire up. Hold across both wires with chain nose pliers, and wrap the short wire around the long wire to form a wire wrap. Wrap two times and trim off the excess wire using flush cutters.

Step 2 String one brass spacer bead, one 8mm blue iris round, one brass spacer bead, and one gold seed bead onto the wire. Make a wire wrapped loop at the top. Repeat, creating a second dangle.

Step 3 Use chain nose pliers to open the loop on an earring wire. Slide the dangle into the loop. Close the loop of the earring wire. Repeat to finish the other earring.

Length: 1.75"


To make your own earring wires, cut two 2" pieces of 20 ga. wire. Make a loop on one end, and then use large round nose pliers or a ball-point pen to form a hook. Use chain nose pliers to make a slight, 30° angle bend at the end of the wire. If the end is sharp, use an emery board to file it lightly and round the edges.