Natural Elegance Round Pendants Necklace
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Natural Elegance Round Pendants Necklace

Combine ceramic pendants, leather cord and beads in natural tones for a cool accessory that accents all your looks. Designed by Blue Moon Beads® Designer Group.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Wood Resin Round Pendant BM17234
  • Natural Stone Assorted Oval Pendant BM11378 – 4 count
  • Brown Nut Disc Beads BM14008M – 2 pkg
  • Antiqued Silver Oval Links Chain BM11307
  • Antiqued Silver Chain BM11292
  • Brown Cotton Cord BM13628
  • Antiqued Silver Medium Jump Rings – 4 count
  • Metal Bead Cones – 2 count
  • Antiqued Silver Toggle Clasp
  • 22 ga Wire, 6 inches

Project Instructions

Cut five 24 inches lengths of Brown Cotton Cord.

Fold one cord length in half. Insert the fold through the Wood Resin Round Pendant hole and thread the ends of the cord through the fold to secure.

Repeat step 2 for the stone pendants, folding first cord pair as 10” and 14” and fold second cords pair as 8” and 16”.

Combine all cords with pendants in the order to make two stone pendants on the each side of a wood pendant as shown. Twist or braid cords slightly. Trim cord ends making even lengths on the each side.

Cut two 3” lengths of a wire.

Wrap the end of the first wire several times around all cords on the one side. Slide a bead cone onto the wire, than create a wrapped loop. Repeat for the other side.

Cut two 18 inches lengths of the each chain (4 pc total).

Join cords and chain ends on the one side, using a jump ring.

Twist or braid chains with cords slightly, then join ends using a jump ring.

Attach toggle clasp using another pair of jump rings.

Cut two 24 inches lengths of a Brown 1mm Cotton Cord.

String Brown Nut Disc Beads onto the first length along 11 inches.

Knot cord ends, attaching them to the ending jump rings, making 17 inches strand.

String Brown Nut Disc Beads along 12 inches of a second cord.

Knot cord ends, attaching them to the ending jump rings, making 18 inches strand.