Night Shimmer Necklace
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Night Shimmer Necklace

Designed by Michaels Jewelry Instructor Heidi Parviainen.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing™ Night and Day Charms
  • Bead Landing™ Night and Day Strand (2 Links)
  • Bead Landing™ Night and Day Chain
  • Bead Landing™ Night and Day Choker
  • Bead Landing™ Chain (15")
  • Bicone, 4mm – Jet (1)
  • Bead Landing™ Eye Pin (1)
  • Bead Landing™ Jump Rings, Assorted – 5mm (9), 10mm (2) and 7mm (2)
  • Bead Landing™ Chain Nose Pliers (2)
  • Bead Landing™ Side Cutters
  • Bead Landing™ Bead Board

Project Instructions

Step 1 Use two pairs of chain nose pliers to open jump rings.

Step 2 Use 5mm jump ring to attach each loop of square crystal slider to crystal netted chain, between the second and third crystal from left side.

Step 3 Loop 5mm jump ring through round pearl charm and both links of netted crystal chain, between the first and second crystal from left.

Step 4 Loop 10mm jump ring through both jump rings at end of netted crystal chain

Step 5 Attach jump ring to larger chain of necklace two links below ring that already connects the two chains of necklace. This will be identified as the connector in the following steps.

Step 6 Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for opposite side.

Step 7 Use 7mm ring to attach round pearl charm, between first and second crystal of chain on left side.

Step 8 Use 10mm ring to attach second round pearl charm to large chain to large chain, right above the connector on right.

Step 9 Use 5mm loop, through the single hole, to attach rhinestone flower to connector on right side.

Step 10 Use 7mm jump ring to attach second rhinestone flower, through two holes, to large chain, three links below the connector on left side.

Step 11 Use 5mm jump to attach single hole of the second rhinestone flower to upper wire loop, protruding through second crystal on left side of chain.

Step 12 Use bead board to measure 15" of chain.

Step 13 Use side cutters to snip chain.

Step 14 Use chain nose pliers to twist open loop of eye pin.

Step 15 Thread loop of eye pin through chain at approximately three inches.

Step 16 Double up the chain to thread onto the eye pin in approximately six inches.

Step 17 Thread end of chain onto the eye pin and close loop.

Step 18 Use side cutters to snip chain at fold to create separate chain strands.

Step 19 Slide one 4mm jet bicone onto head pin.

Step 20 Attach bicone to oval black and rhinestone charm by creating a wire wrapped loop through one of the holes on charm.

Step 21 Use 5mm jump ring to attach oval charm to lower chain of original necklace, to the right of crystal trio on right side of necklace.

Step 22 Use 5mm jump ring to attach large round crystal charm to lower chain of original necklace, to the right of the middle crystal trio.

Step 23 Use 5mm jump ring to attach small round crystal charm to the right of left crystal trio of original necklace.


You should know how to make a wire-wrapped loop for this project.