Aleene's® No-Sew Cellphone Pouch
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Aleene's® No-Sew Cellphone Pouch

A fun way to upcycle fabric into a fashionable no-sew cellphone pouch! Embellish with your favorite floral design or other embellishments.

Designed by Linda Peterson, courtesy of Aleene's®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: Yes
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Material List

  • T-shirt Material (or Fabric of Choice)
  • Patterned Fabric – Design of Choice
  • Buttons or Embellishments – Assorted of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Measure width of cellphone. Double this measurement and add 1". Measure the length and add 1". Cut a rectangle to these measurements from T-shirt fabric. Cut a 1" wide strip of fabric 24" long (or desired length for strap.) If using several different patterned fabrics for flower embellishment, layer fabric as desired. Begin with cutting a 1½" circle for the base (back) layer. Cut approximately six circles, gradually getting smaller with each circle. Apply a dab of Aleene's® OK To Wash It® glue, from Aleene's® Fabric Tacky Pack, in center of each circle and stack to create flower.

Working on the wrong side of fabric, apply a line of glue along the top edge of the rectangle.

Fold down ¼" along glued edge. Press and gently smooth glued edge with fingers until glue holds.

Flip over to right side of fabric. Apply a line of Aleene's® OK To Wash It® glue down the side and halfway across the bottom.

Fold fabric over and match the upper, side and bottom seam. Press and gently smooth glued seam with fingers. Set aside to dry completely.

Clip off the bottom corners of the pouch, being careful not to clip above the glue line. Turn inside out.

Cut a little nick in the fabric ¼" from top edge.

Thread end of fabric strip through hole and knot end. Add a dab of glue to area where you cut nick into fabric and pull knot into glue. This will help to keep the cut fabric from unraveling and hold the knot in place.

Repeat with other side.

If desired, cut or tear a rectangle of fabric to desired size. Place askew and glue to front of pouch. Glue flower to front of pouch.

Apply Aleene's® Jewel It glue, from Aleene's® Fabric Tacky Pack, to back of button and press in center of flower. If desired, glue button in top corner of pouch.