North America: Canadian Maple Leaf Oragami Goose
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North America: Canadian Maple Leaf Oragami Goose

Canadian Geese are migratory birds, who fly in a "V" shape when they move for the winter. Create your goose using origami paper.
Age Range: 6-8
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Messy Rating:
1 2 3 4 5
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Cardstock, 8 1/2"x11" - Red and White
  • Wiggle Eyes, Small (2) (or Marker - Black)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Elmer's® Glue
  • Pattern Downloaded from Below

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut the leaf shape and beak from the pattern. (See Figure 1.)

Step 2 Fold a sheet of red paper in half. Lay the cut out template of the leaf pattern over the folded edge of the red paper, aligning it with the dotted line, and trace around the edges of the leaf with a pencil.

Step 3 Cut out the leaf following the solid line (not the dotted line on the fold). Cut a slit along the folded line (as indicated by “B”). (See Figure 2.)

Step 4 Repeat Step 2 with the white paper. Cut out the leaf and cut a slit along the “A” line to make a triangular flap.

Step 5 Fold a scrap of red paper and trace the beak pattern with the folded edge along the dotted line. Cut out the beak.

Step 6 Glue the red beak to the underside of the white leaf where shown by the dotted lines “C”.

Step 7 Open out the white leaf and with a black marker, draw the eyes onto the top on each side of the folded line where shown by the black dot on the pattern. You can glue a pair of little wiggle eyes on the dots. (See Figures 3a, 3b and 3c.)

Step 8 To make the two maple leaves turn into a bird, pinch the folded white leaf (the body) together at the eyes, then, with the folds lined up, slide the slit edges of the red leaf (the wings) under the triangular flap, and down the body. (See Figure 4.)