Once Bitten Necklace
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Once Bitten Necklace

Get ready for Halloween by creating this spider pendant necklace. Use the beautiful crystal pendants and crystal beads from the Jolee’s® Jewels collection featuring CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements. The components are easily assembled with jewelry wire.

Designed by Leslie Boyer for Jolee’s® Jewels

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Jolee’s® Jewels 15x14mm Flat Briolette Pear Crystal, Olivine, I piece
  • Jolee’s® Jewels 8mm Round Beads, Jet, 1 piece
  • Jolee’s® Jewels 6mm Bicone Beads, Olivine, 8 pieces
  • Jolee’s® Jewels 6mm Bicone Beads, Purple Velvet, 16 pieces
  • Jolee’s® Jewels 4mm Bicone Beads, Jet, 16 pieces
  • Jolee’s® Jewels 4mm Bicone Beads, Black Diamond, 16 pieces
  • Jolee’s® Jewels 16 inch Satin Cord, Black, 1 piece
  • Wire, Silver, 6-inch, 5 pieces
  • Seed Beads, Silver, 40 pieces
  • Spacer Beads, Silver, 16 pieces
  • Bugle Beads, Silver, 16 pieces
  • Jump Ring, Silver, 1 piece
  • Bead Cap, Silver, 1 piece
  • Decorative Bead, Silver, 1 piece
  • Bead Stopper
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Project Instructions

1. Thread the briolette onto one piece of 6-inch wire, position it close on one end. Bend both ends of the wire up, gently cross them over the center of the briolette. Use the chain nose pliers to bend the longer wire straight up and bend the shorter wire to a 90 degree angle. This is the wire you will wrap with. Wrap the shorter wire around the straight longer wire 2 or 3 times tightly. Trim the end of the wire.

2. Thread the decorative bead, the bead cap, and the 8mm round Jet bead onto the wire. Place a bead stopper at the end of the wire to keep these beads from falling off, while you add the leg wires. This is the body of the spider.

3. Add two pieces of wire between the briolette and the decorative bead by twisting the wires together and around the “body” wire.

4. Repeat step 3 between the decorative bead and the bead cap. These wires will be the spider’s legs. 5. Remove bead stopper. Working with the straight wire and your round nose pliers, make a loop and wire wrap down. Be sure the beads and the wires (legs) are tight and not moving. Trim the end of the wire.

6. Thread one seed, one 4mm Black Diamond, one 4mm Jet, one seed, one bugle, one seed, one 6mm bicone Purple Velvet, one spacer, one 6mm Olivine, one spacer, one 6mm Purple Velvet, one seed, one bugle, one seed, one 4mm Black Diamond, and one 4mm Jet beads onto a wire (leg). Close with an eye pin loop.

7. Repeat 7 times for each leg.

8. Carefully shape legs by bending the wires.

9. Use a jump ring to attach the spider pendant to the satin cord necklace.


Using jewelry wire makes it easy to assemble this pendant. Have fun posing your spider’s legs. But be careful not to bend the wire too much or it can break. Exploring different color combinations with your crystals can change the look of your spider as well.