Onyx Marquise Ring
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Onyx Marquise Ring

You can swap out the Howlite for any bead to change the color scheme.

Designed by Cindy Becker.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • NOTE: This project is for Size 6 ring. Adjust length up or down for other sizes.
  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 20 ga. – Hematite (14")
  • Beadalon® German Style Wire, 24 ga. – Hematite (24")
  • Beadalon® Chain Nose Pliers
  • Beadalon® Wire Cutters
  • Beadalon® Ring Mandrel
  • Nylon Head Hammer
  • Bead Gallery® Beads – Black Onyx (1 Pkg.)
  • Bead Gallery® Beads, 3mm – Howlite
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut 14" piece of Beadalon® 20 ga. wire.

Step 2 Slide one black marquise-shaped bead onto wire.

Step 3 Hold bead on top of mandrel over the ring size of your choice.

Step 4 Holding bead over your desired size, wrap wire around mandrel three times, finishing at the top.

Step 5 Wrap each wire around and under the stone two times.

Step 6 Take one of the wires and wrap it around the stone two times.

Step 7 After wrapping, pull wire toward shank and tightly wrap it around the top of the shank, close to the black stone, three times to secure. Trim end.

Step 8 Use Beadalon® chain nose pliers to tamp down.

Step 9 Repeat Steps 7 and 8 (but do not wrap around black stone) with opposite wire.

Step 10 Slide over mandrel to reshape if necessary. If the ring is slightly smaller than you planned, use nylon hammer to push ring down the mandrel to your original desired size.

Step 11 Cut 24" piece of Beadalon® 24 ga. wire.

Step 12 Fold 24 ga. wire in half by bending in center.

Step 13 Slide the 24 ga. wire over the bottom of the ring (over the center).

Step 14 Working one side at a time, begin wrapping the 24 ga. wire around the bottom of the ring by using a sewing motion. Each wrap should be tight and touching. Be careful to keep all under wires flat and avoid overlapping.

Step 15 Continue toward top of ring. When you reach the cut end of the 20 ga., thread one Howlite bead onto the 24 ga. wire and continue wrapping toward the black stone.

Step 16 Once you reach the top, find an opening in the 20 ga. wire and make two small wraps with the 24 ga. wire to secure it in place.

Step 17 Trim excess wire and tuck in wire end.

Step 18 Repeat with opposite side.

Step 19 Place ring back on mandrel and gently hammer the wrapping. This will harden the wire, flatten the wraps and give your ring a neat appearance.