Oranges and Moss Glass Vase Arrangement
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Oranges and Moss Glass Vase Arrangement

Fill this beautiful glass vase with oranges and moss to make a fresh decorative statement. Use other fruit, ornaments or ornamental rock to change the look of your vase to complement your individual style and décor.

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Ashland™ Hourglass Vase, 17.5", small

Ashland™ Hourglass Vase, 17.5"


Material List

  • Ashland™ Garden Fresh Oranges (3 bags)
  • Reindeer Moss, Chartreuse (2 bags)

Project Instructions

Place small amount of reindeer moss in bottom of vase and add a few oranges.  

Place small amounts of moss in between oranges to fill the gaps.

Continue until vase is filled as desired.