Origami Paper Chain Frame
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Origami Paper Chain Frame

Origami paper is as fun to work with as it is versatile -- or is it the other way around? Decide for yourself while you create this colorful frame. The folding looks complicated, but it's the same pattern as a "gum wrapper chain."

Designed by Karen Thomas

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Yasutomo Origami Paper – Crazy Dots
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Craft Knife (or Scissors)
  • Wooden Rectangular Frame, 4x6"
  • Acrylic Paint – Violet
  • Flat Brush
  • Mod Podge® Gloss
  • Acrylic Spray Sealer, Low Odor
  • Sandpaper
  • Double-sided Tape

Project Instructions

Step 1 Lightly sand surface of unfinished frame to smooth out rough edges.

Step 2 Paint the front, sides and back of frame with Violet acrylic paint and let dry.

Step 3 Cut 46 1¼"x6" strips in assorted colors from the origami paper.

Step 4 Fold the first strip in half lengthwise.

Step 5 Fold the strip in half again so the long ends meet, then unfold.


Step 6 Fold both ends of the strip to the previously folded crease.


Step 7 Fold all strips using Steps 4 through 6.

Step 8 Link the folded pieces together by sliding one end into the pockets of another link. Attach 14 links in a zigzag pattern, then attach the 15th link in a different direction to make the corner of the frame.


Step 9 Link eight more pieces together, then attach the ninth link to make the corner of the frame.

Step 10 Continue linking the pieces to cover the frame evenly. Attach the last link by bringing the long ends through the first link and folding them over -- tuck them back into the last link. Trim ends.

Step 11 Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge® to the surface of the frame and let it dry.

Step 12 Shape the links to fit around the frame and apply strips of double-sided tape to the backs of the links.

Step 13 Lay the links down with the double-sided tape exposed to the front of the frame and press to adhere to the frame.

Step 14 Lightly spray frame and links with low odor acrylic spray to seal.


Don't forget to mix up the colors of the paper to your liking as you create the chain.