POP! You're The Best!
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POP! You're The Best!

Here is something practical and fun for that special man in your life! Give it at any time, just as a way to say "I love you!"

Designed by Kathy Dobson, courtesy of Die Cuts with a View®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Die Cuts with a View® Paper Pad: 12"x12" The Letterpress Stack®
  • Die Cuts with a View® Popcorn Box Template printed from Michaels.com
  • Brads: (2) Silver
  • Alphabet STickers
  • Rub On Phrases
  • Eyelets: (8) Silver
  • Eyelet Setter
  • Binder Rings (3)
  • Sewing Floss, 16" White
  • Scoring Tool
  • Scissors
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Paper Crafting Punches: Corner Rounder, 3/4" Circle and 1" Circle
  • Hole Punch, Medium
  • Paper Piercer
  • Paper Crafting Adhesive
  • Adhesive Foam Squares
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Project Instructions

Popcorn Box

Print template and cut out each piece along the outside lines.

Take out two sheets of the same print. Trace main section of template twice on each sheet. Cut out. Cut a 3"x3" square from the same print. Set these aside.

Find two coordinating prints for the other two other template pieces. Trace first piece four times on back side of first print. Repeat with second piece on the second print. Cut these out.

Using the image as a reference, layer and adhere the top two pieces to each section, so that there are now four side pieces and one bottom piece (3"x3" square) to the popcorn box. Fold along score lines. Apply glue to long sides of each section and glue these together to form the popcorn box. Glue the square to the bottom of the box.

Choose three corresponding prints for the front pop up decoration, including the print used for the top border. Cut a 3"x1¾" rectangle from the print used for the top. From the next print, cut a 2 5/8"x1½" rectangle and adhere to the center of the first. From the final print, cut a 2½"x1 3/8" rectangle. Round the edges of the rectangle using the corner rounder and adhere this to the first two. Use paper piercer to make holes for the brads, one on each side of the rectangle. *Make sure brads are not hanging off the sides of the last rectangle. Insert brads and secure.

Embellish front of tag with alphabet letters and rub-ons and adhere to front of popcorn box using adhesive foam squares.

Insert treat of choice, give away, and enjoy!

Card/Mini Album

Select two coordinating prints for the outside. Cut a 9 3/8"x5" piece from one and a 9 1/8"x5" piece from the other.

Lay both papers horizontally. Score the first print at 5½" mark and score the second at the 4¼" mark. Turn the papers so that the prints are facing up. Adhere the larger sections of the two papers together creating a 5 5/8" section in the middle of the card when laid out.

Use ruler to measure holes on right fold, three on one side and three on the other for a total of six holes. *Make sure that the first and last holes are 1" away from the outside of the card. Punch hole large enough for eyelets to go through. Insert them and secure them to the inside of the card.

Return card to lay with the print side facing up. Make two ¾" circles from a complimenting cardstock color and adhere one directly on the right side of the card; centered between the top and bottom edges, leaving ¼" of the underlying cardstock edge showing. Punch one hole for eyelet directly inside the cardstock circle. Insert and secure eyelet to back of card. Adhere remaining circle to the inside of the card to cover the back of the eyelet.

Punch out two more ¾" circles from the same cardstock used for the eyelet holes on the right. Punch out an additional 1" circle from one other complimentary color. Adhere the larger circle to the left side of the card, directly in line with the last eyelet hole, 3" in from the left edge of the card. Adhere one of the smaller circles on top of the larger circle. Punch one hole for eyelet directly inside the cardstock circles. Insert and secure eyelet to back of card. Adhere remaining circle to the inside of the card to cover the back of the eyelet.

Cut assorted pages for notes and photos to go inside of the card that measure 5"x4". Once pages are cut out, match hole spaces on the outside of album to the inside edge of the pages. Punch holes and repeat on subsequent pages. Insert binder rings through the outside holes and attach pages to them. Close binder rings.

Finish off card by adding photos and notes to the inside. Fold closed and secure card by wrapping sewing floss around the two outside circles on the top of the card. Add any desired tags, fibers or other decorations to the outside.


Change up the design by using 2 different prints on the popcorn box to match the personality of your favorite dad.

Add color and dimension by using coordinating tissue paper and clear plastic sheets to showcase Dad's favorite treat!

To match up holes on outside of card/mini album with the inside sheets, line up 1 sheet on the inside and use pencil to mark through the outside holes onto the paper. Punch through these and use this page as a reference for desired number of pages.