Painted Candle
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Painted Candle

Enchanting birdhouse topiaries enhance the surface of this candle. With a bricked base and touch of greenery, this piece will bring warmth to any room - even without being lit! It only takes an hour to make, so it's a quick gift for a friend, or a quick pick-me-up for a room in need of a little glow! Design by Teri Stillwaugh
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Thick Designer Tacky Glue
  • Paintbrush, Flat Shader, No. 4
  • Paintbrush, Flat Shader, No. 8
  • Paintbrush, Liner, No. 1
  • Patio Paint, Cloud White
  • Patio Paint, Concrete Grey
  • Patio Paint, Fern Green
  • Patio Paint, Foxglove Pink
  • Patio Paint, Patio Brick
  • Patio Paint, Sunshine Yellow
  • Patio Paint, Woodland Brown
  • Patio Paint, Wrought Iron Black
  • Patio Paint, Light Waterfall Blue
  • Wood Pots
  • Wood Birdhouses, 1&½-inch
  • Candle, pillar, 6 inch, white
  • Candle, tea light - optional
  • Clay saucer, 4 inch
  • Compressed sponges
  • Paint palette or disposable plates
  • Plastic or paper to cover work area
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Toothpicks, round
  • Water container

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Wipe candle with paper towel dampened with rubbing alcohol to remove coating.

Step: 2

Basecoat outside of saucer with Concrete Gray.

Step: 3

Place small amounts of Patio Brick and Wrought Iron Black next to each other on palette. Use toothpick to pull a small amount of Black into Brick color.

Step: 4

Use a &½x1-inch long sponge rectangle to paint mixture onto outside of saucer to create a staggered brick effect.

Step: 5

Use a larger piece of sponge to paint a random pattern over entire candle surface with Blue and White.

Step: 6

Use wire cutters to cut three wood pots in half. Basecoat five pot halves with Pink. Shade with Brick. Paint five toothpicks with Brown. Paint five birdhouses with desired colors.

Step: 7

Blend a few drops of Green paint into a golf ball size amount of paste. Use tinted paste to secure edges of candle base to saucer, allowing paste to seep from under candle. Apply Thick Designer Tacky Glue to base of candle for added stability.

Step: 8

Position pots evenly spaced around candle so that they rest on saucer. Glue to secure. Glue a toothpick into each pot to create a post for birdhouse. Glue a birdhouse to candle at top of each toothpick.

Step: 9

Place small amounts of tinted paste on saucer between pots and inside pots to create grass. Use a toothpick to create texture.

Step: 10

Use a toothpick to apply tinted paste to create a look of foliage growing up posts and around houses.


Cover work area with plastic or newspaper.

Clean paintbrush with water and dry with paper towels before changing colors.

Allow paint to dry before continuing to next step.

Cut shapes (for No. 4 below) from compressed sponge. Place sponge shape into water to expand and wring dry with paper towel. Tap sponge shape into paint and blot onto paper towel before applying to surface to be painted.

Refer to photo for design placement.

Candle is recommended for decorative purposes only. If you wish to burn candle, burn down only 1-2 inches so that painted areas are left intact. Place a small tea light into candle center. Replace tea light as needed.

Use size of paintbrush appropriate for area to be painted.