Painted Father’s Day Box for the Fisherman
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Painted Father’s Day Box for the Fisherman

This beautiful box, painted with rich Delta colors, will make a wonderful Father’s Day gift.
Designed by Chris Thornton-Deason
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint:
    Hippo Grey
    Timberline Green
    Golden Brown
    Red Iron Oxide
    Dark Burnt Umber
    Terra Cotta
  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat® All-Purpose Sealer
  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Gel Stain Medium
  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Satin Exterior/Interior Varnish
  • DME UNF Photo Box with Lid
  • Loew-Cornell La Cornellie Shader Paintbrushes, Series 7300:
    Size #12
    Size #6
  • Loew-Cornell La Cornellie Wash Paintbrushes, Series 7550: 1-inch
  • Loew-Cornell La Cornellie Liner Paintbrushes, Series 7350: Size #1
  • Loew-Cornell Brush Tub
  • Loew-Cornell Graphite Transfer Paper: Black
  • Loew-Cornell Palette Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Stylus
  • Paper Towels
  • Low-Tack Painter’s Tape
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Soft Cloth

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Apply an even coat of All-Purpose Sealer to bottom of box only, using 1-inch wash brush. (Note: Do not apply sealer to areas to be stained because sealer will repel stain.) Let dry and sand with fine grit sandpaper. Wipe away crumbs.

Step: 2

Apply mix of equal parts Gel Stain Medium and Hippo Grey to stained areas using a soft cloth. Let dry and sand lightly.

Step: 3

Apply pattern, arranging pieces to fit. (Note: The different components of the pattern allows more freedom to pick different surfaces on which to paint.)

Step: 4

Do lettering on lid with Hippo Grey using #6 shader.

Step: 5

Painting Fish:
Basecoat fish with Sandstone using 1-inch wash brush. Float down back, fins and tail with Timberline Green, belly with White, and center of belly with Gecko. Float darker shadows down back, on fins, shadows on head and stripe through center all with Timberline Green plus touch of Dark Burnt Umber. Using same dark color, do line-work using #1 liner. Lightly glaze head and back with Terra Cotta using 1-inch wash brush. Float highlights and scales with White plus a touch of Sandstone. Reinforce brightest highlights with White using #12 shader. Basecoat eye with Terra Cotta, float shadow with Red Iron Oxide and highlight with Straw. Using #1 liner, add pupil and line with Dark Burnt Umber.

Step: 6

Painting Compass:
Basecoat center of compass with Sandstone using 1-inch wash brush. Using same brush, float shadow with Golden Brown and highlights with White. Basecoat needle, edge and do scroll work all with Golden Brown using #1 liner. Float shadows with Dark Burnt Umber and highlights with Sandstone plus a touch of White using #6 shader. Using #1 liner, thin Black with water to consistency of heavy cream and do lettering.

Step: 7

Painting Lure:
Basecoat body with Straw and head with Terra Cotta using #6 shader. Float shadows on body with Terra Cotta and head with Red Iron Oxide using #6 shader. Float darker shadow along bottom with Dark Burnt Umber. Do hooks with Black and highlight with White using #1 liner.

Step: 8

To Finish Box:
Band top of lid with Hippo Grey using #6 shader, about 1/4-inches wide. Line with Red Iron Oxide and Black using #1 liner. Basecoat sides of lid with Black. Basecoat bottom of box with Sandstone using 1-inch wash brush.

Step: 9

Apply low-tack painters tape to sides of box leaving 1¼-inches between each piece. Using 1-inch wash brush, paint with Hippo Grey. Using #1 liner, add Black through center of grey, Golden Brown down sides of grey and Red Iron Oxide through center of Sandstone.

Step: 10

Apply as many coats of Satin varnish as desired.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

Do not apply sealer to areas to be stained because the sealer will repel the stain.

To float: Dip a flat brush in water. Blot on paper towel, leaving some water in brush. Dip one side in paint and stroke up and down on palette until color graduates to clear water on other side. Float color along edges of painted surface to create shadow with dark colors or highlights with light colors.

Allow paint to dry between steps.