Paisley Communion Cross Cake
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Paisley Communion Cross Cake

Distinctive in pink, this cake is perfect for your girl’s baptism, christening, communion or other religious event! The Wilton Baroque Designs Fondant Mold and Cross Cake Pan make the details of this design easy to do.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Plywood or Foam Core Board, 17½"x24"
  • Wilton® Fanci-Foil Wrap
  • Wilton® Brush Set
  • Wilton® Piping Gel
  • Wilton® Fondant Smoother
  • Wilton® Sheet Pan, 11"x15"x2"
  • Wilton® Cross Pan
  • Wilton® Cake Boards
  • Wilton® Cooling Grid
  • Wilton® Dowel Rods
  • Wilton® Icing Recipe – Butter Cream
  • Wilton® Straight Spatula, 11"
  • Wilton® Angled Spatula, 13"
  • Wilton® Icing Color – Rose
  • Wilton® Fondant Roller, 20"
  • Wilton® Roll & Cut Mat
  • Wilton® Baroque Designs Fondant and Gum Paste Mold
  • Wilton® Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant, 320 oz. – White
  • Wilton® Pearl Dust – White

Project Instructions

In advance, prepare base board. Wrap board with foil; brush with piping gel. Cover board with 100 oz. white fondant. Smooth with fondant smoother.

Bake and cool two one-layer sheet cakes and cross cake. Position sheet cakes side-by-side on base board, joining at long edges. Place cross cake on cut-to-fit, foil-wrapped board. Prepare cakes for stacked construction. Prepare cakes for rolled fondant by icing smooth with spatula.

Tint 208 oz. of fondant light rose. Cover cakes with fondant. Smooth with fondant smoother. Reserve remaining rose fondant.

Using mold and white fondant, make about 25 large, 40 medium and 40 small paisley accents, some curving left, some right. Brush with white Pearl Dust. Attach small and medium accents to cross cake with damp brush.

Position cross cake on sheet cake. Using mold and reserved rose fondant, make large pearl chain bottom border for cross cake. Attach with damp brush.

Attach large paisley accents at corners of sheet cake with damp brush.


Adult supervision is required at all times. Oven should only be used by and adult.