Paper Flower Napkin Ring
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Paper Flower Napkin Ring

Create these beautiful napkin rings with your favorite paper to accent your table.
Designed by Michaels® Design Team
Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • For Flowers:
  • Double-Sided Printed Cardstock of Choice
  • Solid Cardstock in Coordinating Colors
  • Giga Scallop Heart Punch
  • Cornflower Punch
  • XL Oopsie Daisy Punch
  • 3” Circle Punch or 3” Scalloped Circle Cut With Cricut Personal Cutting Machine
  • Accent Essentials Cartridge and Cricut Personal Cutting Machine
  • Decorative Brads and Gems
  • Glitter
  • Glitter Glue or Stickles
  • Water Spritzer Ribbon to Match Papers
  • Quick-Dry Glue
  • Fringe Scissors
  • VersaMark Watermark Ink
  • Rubber Stamp - Foliate Quad Cube
  • Paper Piercer, Awl or Large Needle for Poking Hole into Flower Center
  • Woodgrain Background Rubber Stamp
  • Gold Embossing Powder
  • Heat Embossing Tool
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Craft Glue
  • Paper Towels
  • Paper Plate
  • Low-Heat Glue Gun
  • For Napkin Rings:
  • Coordinating Cardstock and Ribbon
  • Super Tacky Tape
  • Glue or Velcro

Project Instructions

Step: 1

For Napkin Rings:

Step: 2

Cut a strip of paper approximately 1 ½” wide x 5 ½” long.

Step: 3

Adhere ribbon down the middle of the strip using Super Tacky Tape.

Step: 4

Roll the strip to form a ring. Glue together, or apply Velcro to the ends and secure.

Step: 5

Hot glue a flower to the top of the ring.

Step: 6

Petal Heart Flower:

Step: 7

Using the Giga Scallop Heart Punch, punch out 6 hearts from double-sided print cardstock.

Step: 8

Fold each heart in half, then fold in half again back toward the original fold. Cut or punch a 1” circle from cardstock. Glue the points of the hearts onto the circle so that it forms a flower. Let the glue dry. Punch a center for the flower from a solid color or coordinating paper or cardstock using either the Cornflower Punch or the Oopsie Daisy Punch. Glue it onto the center of the flower. Pierce a hole in the center and add a decorative brad or gem. Brush the edges of the flower petals with glue or a glue pen and sprinkle generously with glitter. Feel free to add glitter to the entire flower if desired. You may also add stickles or glitter glue to further enhance your flower.

Step: 9

Hand-Shaped Scrunch Flower:

Step: 10

Punch or die-cut a 3” circle or scalloped circle from double sided print cardstock. Spritz each side of the circle 2 times with water. Fold the circle in half and in half again and accordian-fold pleats around the circle and gather the flower at the center between your thumb and finger pinch the bottom. Flatten the pinched bottom and glue to a small piece of scrap paper. Flatten the flower and set aside to dry. You can also use hot glue, but make sure you don’t get the glue on your fingers and burn yourself. Once the flower is set, you can fluff it up with your fingers. If it stiffens, you can spritz it again lightly. Cut the scrap paper around the flower. You can then glue a smaller die cut flower to the scrunch flower and embellish with a large gem for the center – glue it or pierce a hole in the center and insert a brad. Brush glue onto the flower and sprinkle generously with glitter or add glue to the top edge and dip into glitter. You can also embellish with Stickles or Glitter Glue.

Step: 11

Layered Punch Flower

Step: 12

Using the Oopsie Daisy Punch or any petal flower shape using the Accent Essentials cartridge with your Cricut Personal Cutting Machine, punch out a variety of print paper or print cardstock combinations and layer one over the other allowing the bottom petals to show in between the top petals and glue in the center. Using the Cornflower punch, punch a center for your flower and adhere onto the center. Pierce a hole in the center of the flower and insert a decorative brad. If desired, you can curl the petals up using a bone folder or even your fingers much the same way you curl ribbon – be gentle as the petals might tear off. If this happens, just glue them back in place. Brush the petals with glue and sprinkle with glitter or embellish with Stickles or Glitter Glue. By using both the punch and the Cricut Personal Cutting Machine, you can create different sizes of petal flowers for your wreath.

Step: 13

Fringe Flower

Step: 14

Start with a strip of double sided cardstock or print paper approximately 2 ½” wide x 6” long. Using the Fringe Scissors, cut ¾ of the way in to the paper the entire length of the paper strip. Roll the strip tightly and glue the end. Fluff the fringes flower and dip in glue, then glitter if desired. Vary the size of the flowers by varying the width of the paper strip.

Step: 15


Step: 16

Using solid green (or another fall color) cardstock, you can create leaves several different ways. You can simply cut a long pointed strip freehand, or you can die-cut different leaves using the Accent Essentials cartridge and the Cricut Personal Cutting Machine. You can also punch leaves using the Clever Lever Embossing Oak Leaf Punch. Add glitter, Stickles or glitter glue to the leaves to embellish.

Step: 17

Another technique is adding a watermark design on the leaves using a background stamp and VersaMark, or sprinkle on gold embossing powder and heat emboss.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

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