Paper Lanterns
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Paper Lanterns

Add a touch of Asian influence to your home with this striking canvas and vase duet.

Designed by Tammie Wilson for Delta Creative

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Moroccan Red
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Antique Gold
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, White
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Black
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Faux Finish Glaze Base, Clear
  • Delta Texture Magic Dimensional Paint™, White
  • Delta Texture Magic Easy-Grip Spreaders
  • Frederix® Artist Canvas, 20 x 24 - inches
  • Vase, Glass Oval, 10 - inches
  • Water Basin
  • Palette Paper or Paper Plates
  • Paper Towels
  • Brush, Soft Bristle Flat, 1 - inch
  • Brush, Soft Bristle Flat, ½ - inch
  • Brush, Round, No. 3
  • Brush, Liner 10/0
  • Low-Tack Tape
  • Drawing Compass

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Using a 1 - inch flat soft bristle brush apply two smooth even coats of Antique Gold to the canvas. Let dry thoroughly.

Step: 2

Using a chalk pencil, draw the swirls onto the canvas.

Step: 3

Using the ¼ - inch Quilter’s tape, mask off the swirls.

Step: 4

On a paper plate mix equal parts Moroccan Red and Faux Finish Glaze Base Clear. Using the slightly dampened sponge, pounce this mix all over the canvas, including the edges. Rinse sponge thoroughly and remove tape from canvas. Set aside to dry.

Step: 5

Using the 1 - inch brush apply the above red mix, thinned with lots of water all over the canvas. This will tone down the gold areas as well as remove any residual chalk lines.

Step: 6

Draw an 8 - inch and two 5 - inch circles on the canvas using the photo as reference. Using the 1 - inch brush, apply 2-3 smooth even coats of White to the circles. Let dry. Using the No. 3 round brush apply a shadow line along the right side of the lantern with Moroccan Red + black (3:1), refer to photo.

Step: 7

Using the rounded spreader generously apply Texture Magic all over the circles, getting as close to the edge as possible. Let dry, preferably overnight.

Step: 8

Transfer the pattern for the bamboo onto the lanterns, or just freehand the images on.

Step: 9

Using the No. 3 round brush and Black, paint on the stalks, add leaves. Using a 10/0 liner and Black thinned with water, add the stems.

Step: 10

Using the 1 - inch flat brush, apply a wide shade on the right side of the lantern and a thinner shade on the left with White + Black (3:1).

Step: 11

Using the ruler and chalk pencil, mark off the lantern cords and tape off. Using the pointed spreader apply Texture Magic. Remove tape and let dry.

Step: 12

Add a small shade of White + Black (3:1) where the cord meets the lantern.

Step: 13

Wash vase with warm soapy water, rinse well and dry thoroughly.

Step: 14

Mask off a 1 - inch border at the top and bottom of the vase using low-tack tape, burnish edges to prevent run-under.

Step: 15

Generously apply Surface Conditioner to vase using a ½ - inch brush. DO NOT use a paper towel or foam brush, DO NOT wipe haze off surface when dry.

Step: 16

Pour Fire Red onto paper plate, using a foam wedge apply an even coat of paint to the vase. Let dry and repeat. Let set overnight.

Step: 17

Apply Surface Conditioner to the front of the vase.

Step: 18

Draw a 3½ - inch circle on the front of the vase. Using the ½ - inch brush paint the circle with 2-3 coats of Ultra White, allowing the paint to dry completely between coats. Let dry thoroughly.

Step: 19

Transfer pattern onto circle or freehand the design as desired.

Step: 20

Using the No. 3 round brush, apply the stalk and leaves with Ultra Black. Use Ultra Black thinned slightly with Surface Conditioner and the 10/0 liner to add the stems.

Step: 21

Using the No. 3 round and Ultra Black add a ¼ - inch border to the top, bottom and around the circle, refer to photo.

Step: 22

Let vase cure a full 10 days before using. After 10 days, PermEnamel is dishwasher safe. Used on appropriate surfaces it is also microwave and oven safe to 350 degrees.


Refer to photo to complete project.

Follow manufacturer’s direction for products used.