Paracord Flip Flops
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Paracord Flip Flops

This project looks awesome when it's complete. Use any color paracord you desire, and you can even add a bead or two to make it even more interesting!

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • 1 Pair Flip Flops - Your Choice
  • 1 Pkg. 550 Paracord
  • 1 Pkg. 325 Paracord
  • 1 Slider Ornament from the Paracord Accesory Pack (if desired)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler
  • Paper Clip or Scotch® Tape
  • Lighter or Matches

Project Instructions

Step 1  Measure and cut 32" of the 550 Paracord, then fold in half and cut to make two equal pieces (16" each). Remove the white string core from both pieces. Fold the entire length of 325 Paracord in half and cut to make two equal pieces (10.5' each). Do not remove the white core from the 325 Paracord. Carefully hold each Paracord end in flame for a few seconds to melt the fabric and prevent unraveling.

Step 2 Begin working from the outside edge of the flip flop strap, near the back of the foot. Place one of the shorter 550 lengths of Paracord flat against the center of the flip flop strap, as near to the end of the strap as possible. You may find it easier to use a paperclip or piece of tape to hold this length in place. Now, thread one 325 length of Paracord behind the strap, so that its middle point is exactly behind the back of the flip flop strap. You may tape this section of Paracord in place also, as you begin to weave.

Step 3 Take the right-hand (R) piece of 325 Paracord and bring it to the left, around the front of the strap, over the 550 Paracord, then under the left-hand (L) piece of 325 Paracord. Take the L piece of Paracord, bend it under and behind the R piece, to the right and behind the flip flop strap, and up through the loop on the opposite side of the strap, so that it's sticking out on right-hand side of the strap. This is the same tie you would make to begin a square knot. Tighten the tie as much as you can.

Step 4 Now, you will finish the square knot. Take the piece of 325 Paracord that is sticking out to the left (L), and bring it to the right, around the front of the strap, but weave it under the 550 Paracord and out so that it is sticking out off to the right-hand side, below the piece that is already sticking out to the right (R). Now, take the R piece, and turn it down and to the left, so that it's catching the L piece in its loop, and bring it behind the strap, then up and through the loop on the opposite side of the strap, so that its sticking out to the left-hand side, and tighten. You have completed the square knot.

Step 5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 to continue making square knots down the length of the flip flop strap. When you get to the bottom of the 'V' shape made by the straps, be sure to wind your Paracord around the toe post, and keep repeating steps 3 and 4 to make square knots along the other flip flop strap. If desired, you can thread a slider (such as the skull depicted) onto the 550 Paracord as you weave, so that it sits just above the sandal's toe post.

Step 6 When you reach the end of the flip flop strap, where it meets the instep, finish your last square knot, tighten, and trim all three strands of Paracord. Use a lighter or match to melt the ends of the Paracord so that they do not unravel.

Step 7 Repeat steps 1 through 6 to add Paracord to the second flip flop.

Craft Notes

Adult supervision is always required when working with heat or open flame!