Party Time Set
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Party Time Set

It’s party time! Use this set of items to enhance the theme of your next party with just a little time and a little effort!

Designed by Kathy Dobson and Celeste Crockett for Die Cuts with a View®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Recollections 24 Sheet Packs - colors of choice
  • Coordinating Cardstock Stack
  • Papercrafting Punch - Butterlfy
  • Alphabet Rub-Ons
  • Rhinestone topped brads
  • Vellum Sheet
  • Coordinating Curly Ribbon
  • Glue: Wood Glue, Hot Glue, Foam Squares and Papercrafting Adhesive
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Hole Punch
  • Scoring Tool
  • Pencil
  • Banner
  • Binder Rings
  • Clear String
  • Craft Punches - 1 3/4" and 2" Circle
  • Tape
  • Centerpiece
  • (4) 5x7 Wood Frames
  • Floral Foam
  • Curly Willows or other twigs
  • Spanish Moss
  • Cardboard
  • Name Cards
  • Wooden Spools
  • Decorative Straight Pins
  • Wire
  • String/Floss
  • Party Favors and Invites
  • Craft Punch - Corner Rounder
  • Tissue Paper

Project Instructions


Cut out 6 large pennants from 6 coordinating prints, each measuring 8”x10”x10”. If desired, cut out 6 additional pennants from your solid stack and glue these together, back-to-back. These will reinforce your banner strength. Punch a hole in each corner, the top 2 approximately ½” in on each side, and the bottom one closer to the tip.

Cut out 6 small pennants from 1 additional coordinating print, measuring 3 ¼”x 4 ¾”. If desired, cut out 6 additional pennants from your solid stack and glue these together back-to-back. Punch a hole in each corner of these as well, following the above guidelines to scale.

Using your 1 ¾” and 2” circle punches, as well as the set of papers used for the pennants, punch out 72 different circles (36 of each size). *Be sure to keep the prints and sizes separate from each other.

Take and place 6 of both sizes of circles (total of 12) face down in front of you. With your clear string, tape and scissors, make a small loop with your clear string and tape it to the back of your first circle. Repeat with the next 11 circles. Take the rest of your circles and fold them in half— still keeping the different sizes separate.

Take your 2” circles (along with the 6 that have loops) and glue these together first. To do this, take 2 that don’t have loops and glue half of one to half the other. Then glue the 2 remaining halves to the backside of one your looped circles. Repeat 6 times.

Repeat step 5 with the 1 ¾” circle shapes.

Use your coordinating curly ribbon to attach your three-sided circle shapes to the bottom point of each pennant, alternating sizes of circles.

Before attaching all of your pennants together, create a middle section that will hold your desired party message. Take out 1 12”x12” sheet of solid cardstock and 1 12”x12” print. Attach these two together and punch 4 holes in the top—2 that are 1 inch in from the sides, and 2 more in the center (with approximately 4 inches between these two).

Cut out the letters needed to create your party message. Mount these letters on solid-colored cardstock and cut out around them, leaving a thin edge of solid cardstock. Mount these letters on your middle section, leaving room for additional icons or embellishments on the bottom.

Cut out 2 sets of 3 corresponding embellishments (flowers), 1 in a print and 1 in a solid. Mount these on the bottom of your middle section. Finish these off with a 3-d addition, attached to the banner with foam squares.

Beginning on one side, attach your large and small pennants together with your coordinating curling ribbon, alternating sizes and prints. When you reach the outside, attach a *binder ring and tie a knot around this. Leave 18”-24” of ribbon at the end. *This will be the point where you attach the banner to your desired surface.

Repeat for the other side

Finish the banner by adding or curling any additional ribbon.

Hang up and enjoy!


Paint the inside edges of your frame with a silver craft paint.

While paint is drying, select 3 coordinating prints to use for your frame base covers. Without touching the inside edges of your frame, use one frame as a template to trace around onto the back of each print (need 2 sets of covers from 2 prints). Cut out each set (as well as the middle section) and set aside. Measure the width of the outside edge of your frames and cut enough strips to cover them completely

Glue frames together, one side flush against the back of another, to create a box. Cut a cardboard piece to cover the bottom and attach.

Attach the frame pieces that were previously cut directly to the front of each frame. Finish off the frames by covering the edges with your thin strips of printed paper and insert your desired pictures.

Place floral foam in the bottom of box and cover with Spanish moss. Arrange twigs in foam as desired.

Cut out flowers in assorted sizes and colors (see image*). As these will be adhered in 5 different places, you will need both prints and solids for the fronts. *Be sure to duplicate the back flower once (for a total of 3-4 flowers used in each spot), as this will be used to cover the back of the twigs. Use the end of your pencil to curl the flowers and add further dimension. Adhere these directly to each other, and then to the twig, with the last layer going behind the twig. To create further detail in the center of the large flowers, cut out small flowers and layer 2 of them. To complete the look, cut out peace signs and adhere them with foam squares in the center of your flowers.

Punch out 24 butterflies, 12 in vellum and 12 in 2 different prints. Adhere the body of the vellum butterfly to the body of the print, so that the vellum is in front. Fold the wings in to bring some life to your butterfly. Repeat with the remaining butterflies. Use the hot glue to adhere your butterflies on the flowers or twigs of your arrangement.

Fold your paper in half and cut out 5 hearts from one of the green prints. Keeping them folded in half; crease the paper in the center. Glue these, point up, at the bottom of your twigs.

Complete your project by adding bits of curly ribbon where needed.

Name Cards:

Cut a 1 ¾”x 6” strip of printed paper. Wrap this around the middle of your wooden spool and secure in place with adhesive. Cut out 2 large flowers, one in a print and one in a solid. Cut out 2 small flowers, both in a print. Use the end of your pencil to curl the petals back. Adhere the small flowers to the front of 1 of your large flowers.

Take a piece of green wire and wrap it loosely around your pencil. Remove the pencil and form as desired. Hot glue your wire into the inside of your spool. Adhere the set of 3 flowers to the front of the wire. Adhere the remaining flower behind the set of 3.

Fold and cut a small heart from the same printed sheet used for the centerpiece leaves. Keep your paper folded, and glue the rounded part into the center of the wooden spool.

Embellish your spool by adding a name tag, picture, and string. Cut a shape from a complimenting print and attach it to the ensemble using a straight pin.

Party Invite:

Cut a 8”x6” piece of solid cardstock. Score your piece in half so that when it is folded, it will make a 4”x6” card.

Cut a 5 ¾”x3 ¾” piece of the *Peace Sign printed paper. Trim all four corners of paper with a corner rounder. Cut out the largest peace sign. After the peace sign is gone, lay this on the middle of the right side of your solid cardstock piece and trace around the inside of the hole with your pencil. Cut this section out. *Note: You may use any print for your cards—this particular print provides the best circle guide unless you want to make your own.

Cut out a ½”x5 ¾” strip of coordinating printed paper. Cut out a ½”x3 ¼” banner from an additional piece of coordinating paper. Write or rub-on your desired word or phrase across the middle of the banner. Adhere your printed strip onto the left side of the main printed paper. Insert a brad through the inside edge of the banner, continuing through the top section of the printed strip of paper, and ending behind the main piece of printed paper. Open the ends to secure in the back. Put the printed paper back on the cardstock, this time adhering it directly on the cardstock, lining up the hole in the cardstock and the one in the printed paper. Finish up the front by putting 1 small foam square

Punch out 2 butterflies, one out of vellum and one from a coordinating print. Adhere these on the inside of the hole, by the middle of the butterfly. Fold up the wings.

Finish up your invitation by typing, printing out, and adhering all the must-have information on the inside of your card. 6. Repeat as needed for desired amount of invitations

Party Favor:

Print and cut out template. Fold paper in half and lay the middle of template on the fold line of your desired paper. Using template as guide, cut around the template. Cut off one side tab when you have finished, and tuck the other one inside of your heart pocket. Adhere the tab to the inside.

Cut off 9” of ribbon. Adhere the ribbon to the inside of the pocket.

Fold a small piece of tissue paper in half, and then in half again. Insert this in your pocket, with the ends facing out.

Insert your party favor now.

Using your craft punch, cut out 2 butterflies—1 from your vellum sheet, and 1 from a coordinating piece of printed paper. Take a brad and stick it through the two butterflies and your paper pocket (including the tissue paper) and open it in the back to secure.

Repeat as needed for the number of party guests you have invited.

Watch with pleasure as your party guests rave over your gift to them!


  • When attaching all the pieces of your banner together, begin in the middle with your center piece.
  • To apply paper to frames or to other paper, use a non-liquid substance (i.e. double-sided tape, glue dots or other related items); however, to apply paper to curly willows, use stronger liquid glue (i.e. hot glue).
  • To save time, only cover the front face of the frames and use coordinating paint to cover the sides.
  • Glue your invite information across the inside, bottom section of your card—will give it a fun,
  • original look!