Pendant Drawer Pulls
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Pendant Drawer Pulls

Designed by June Beach
Craft Time: Under 30 mins
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Plain Drawer Pull
  • Pendant of Choice
  • Two-part epoxy
  • Sandpaper

Project Instructions

Sand lightly the top of the plain drawer pull

Place the various sized crystals, gemstones, spacers, etc onto the headpins. To attach the headpins to the chain or pendant, use your round nose pliers to create a simple loop at the top, connect the loop on each end of the mesh bracelet, trim excess wire and tuck the wire into the top of the bead. Continue until all have been placed as desired onto the pendants.

Use pliers to remove pendants bails, pins and/or connector loops on the backside of the pendants prior to attaching them to the drawer pulls. Use a file if needed to smooth any rough edges once the pieces have been removed.

Mix the two-part epoxy according to the directions on the package. Apply to the drawer pull and the pendant. Let the epoxy set until completely dry.


Try to find the flattest drawer pull possible so you have a good surface to work on.