Personalized Wrap Bracelets 2012
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Personalized Wrap Bracelets 2012

Personalize your jewelry or make a special gift for your friends.

Designed by Melissa Manks.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing™ Ancient Beads
  • Bead Landing™ Assorted Jump Rings – Silver
  • Bead Landing™ Head Pins – Silver
  • Bead Landing™ Braided Leather Cord - Ivory
  • Bead Landing™ Leather Cord – Natural
  • Bead Landing™ Silk Cording - Black
  • Bead Landing™ Ribbon Necklace - Black
  • Bead Landing™ Ring Blanks, 20 ga. – Aluminum
  • Jewelry Essentials™ Charms – Hearts
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paper Towel
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Bead Landing™ Chain Nose Pliers (2)
  • Bead Landing™ Round Nose Pliers
  • Bead Landing™ Side Cutter Pliers
  • Bead Landing™ Long Nose Hole Punch Pliers
  • Bead Landing™ Letter Stamp Set
  • Bead Landing™ Brass Mallet
  • Bead Landing™ Steel Bench Block
  • Bead Landing™ Nylon Jaw Pliers
  • Bead Landing™ Texture Hammer

Project Instructions

Using masking tape, tape the aluminum ring blank to the steel bench block.

Using the brass mallet and the letter stamps, stamp the aluminum ring blank.

Note: use texture hammer to create texture on the ring blanks as an alternative.

Remove tape and ring blank from the steel bench block.

Dab some acrylic paint onto a paper towel and smear onto the letters on the ring blanks. Wipe off excess paint. Allow paint to dry.

Place ring blank between nylon jaws on pliers to create a slight bend/curve.

Punch a hole ¼" from both ends of the ring blank with the long nose hole punch pliers.

Attach a jump ring to both ends of the ring blank. Cut ribbon and/or leather cording to desired length. Loop the ribbon and/or leather cording through the jump ring and tie a knot to secure.

Insert a bead through a head pin. Using round nose pliers, bend the head pin at a 45° angle. Using the side cutters, trim the edge to about ¼". Using the round nose pliers, make a simple loop to secure the bead. Repeat 2 more times. These will be referred to as “Bead Dangles.”

Attach Bead Dangles from previous step to jump ring. Attach heart charm to jump ring.