Pink Frills T-Shirt
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Pink Frills T-Shirt

Add dimension to your t-shirt with floppy self-fabric flowers. This fringe-y design is fun and easy.


Designed by Victoria Waller, Prym Consumer USA

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Matching T-Shirt (to cut up for flowers)
  • Sewing Basket® Heat Stitch™ Iron-on Glue
  • Scissors
  • Iron and Ironing Surface
  • Piece of Cardboard (to insert between t-shirt layers)

Project Instructions

Using scissors, trim away the neckband on the t-shirt. Decide how long you want your shirt. Use scissors to cut away the hem at this point.

Use the extra t-shirt for the flower petals. Using scissors, cut circles from extra t-shirt. Circles should be 2-1/2-inch diameter. Don’t worry if they are slightly uneven. The fringed edge will conceal any irregularity. For quick cutting, layer tee shirt fabric to cut at least 2 circles at a time. You will need about 20 circles for the neckline and at least 24 for the hem.

Petal edges: Use scissors to snip the edge of each circle. Cut each snip about ¾-inch long, and about ½-inch apart, so they are perpendicular to the edge, pointing toward the center. An area about ¾-inch diameter should be left unclipped at the center. TIP: Layer 4-6 circles and snip to save time.

Place the t-shirt on a flat working surface. Slide the protective cardboard into the t-shirt between the front and back layers to prevent glue bleed-through.

Neckline: Place flower circles close to the cut edge of the neckline, so petals overlap slightly.

Open the Heat Stitch™ bottle. Glue flows freely, so test on a scrap first. Only a thin layer of glue is required for each flower.

Apply glue dot under the center of 2-3 adjacent flowers. Use the hot iron to set the glue on these flowers, following directions on bottle. Working with only 2-3 flowers at a time will keep the petal edges from being caught in the glue.

Follow Step 7 with all flowers on neckline. After finishing one side of the neckline, flip the shirt over, and complete the opposite side.

Follow step 5, 7 and 8 for flowers at the hem of the shirt.


Have a piece of scrap cardboard handy to insert between layers of t-shirt. This will keep the glue from transferring from the working layer to the back layer. Cut the cardboard to a size small enough to fit inside the t-shirt.