Pitcher & Glass Set
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Pitcher & Glass Set

Entertain your friends with cool refreshments in a stylish set of glasses this summer. Impress even the most sophisticated guest with your flair for the fun and fabulous in home entertaining. Paint a set to match both your indoor and outdoor color schemes. Designed by Pebeo
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Vitrea 160 Glass Paints- #19 Ink Black- Glossy, #02 Saffron Yellow- Glossy, #03 Paprika- Glossy, # 14 Sandalwood- Glossy and # 38 Aniseed- Frosted
  • Glass Pitcher and Glasses
  • Pebeo Self Adhesive Lead
  • Round Brush #8 (Blend of Natural and Synthetic Is Best)
  • Paper (or Other) Palette
  • Paper Towels and Cotton Swabs
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Glass Cleaner
  • Soft Leaded Pencil

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Clean the glass surfaces with rubbing alcohol or window cleaner to remove any grease or fingerprints.

Step: 2

With a soft leaded pencil. Draw stripes around the pitcher and glasses, as in the photo. To draw straight lines, fill the pieces with water and trace along the water line at various levels. Also draw the circles in the middle section of the glass pieces.

Step: 3

Load the brush with a generous amount of # 38 Aniseed, paint one of the large striped sections on the lower portion of the glass, paint all around the glass. Repeat for one of the large sections on the upper portion of the pitcher, and then paint 1-2 of the smaller striped sections.

Step: 4

Next, paint 1-2 of the small section with #02 Saffron Yellow, and 1-2 sections with #14 Sandalwood Green and #03 Paprika.

Step: 6

Allow the paint to dry to the touch for 20 minutes. Finish by using an Applicator bottle filled with #19 Ink Black, to draw very loose lines between each of the stripes and around each of the circles. See Helpful Hint #8 for Applicator bottle usage instructions.

Step: 7

Repeat this process for each of the glasses, changing the order of the colors on the stripes and the size of the stripes.

Step: 8

Once complete, allow the pieces to dry for 24 hours, place in a cool oven on the middle oven rack, set the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature has been reached, set the timer for 40 minutes. After baking is complete, turn off the oven and open the oven door to allow the pieces to cool down gradually. Once cool, remove the pieces from the oven.

Step: 9

Once baked the pieces is permanent, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


Remember that if you make a mistake or change your mind, the paint may be removed at anytime until it has been baked. Glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol work best.