Plumeria Promise
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Plumeria Promise

Square and round layers come together to create this exquisite cake, finished with pearl beading and satin ribbon. Courtesy of Wilton
Craft Time: varies
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Material List

  • Wilton Round Pans- 6x3, 8x2, 12x3 in.
  • Wilton Square Pans- 10x2, 16x2 in.
  • Wilton Tip 2
  • Wilton Colors- Rose, Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Black
  • Wilton White Ready-to-Use Rolled Fondant- 348 oz.
  • Wilton Rolling Pin
  • Wilton Roll & Cut Mat
  • Wilton Leaf Cut-Outs™
  • Wilton Floral Collection Flower Making Set
  • Wilton Brush Set
  • Wilton Easy-Glide Fondant Smoother
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Wilton Flower Former Set
  • Flower Spikes
  • 6mm Pearl beading- 2 Packages
  • Wilton “Hidden” Pillars
  • Plastic Dowel Rods
  • Cake Boards
  • Gum Paste Mix
  • Meringue Powder
  • Heating Core
  • 20-Gauge Cloth-Covered Wire- 44 six-inch pieces
  • 3/8 in. Wide Black Satin Ribbon- 6 yards
  • Square Plywood Board- 21-1/2 in.
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Non-Toxic Pastel Chalk
  • Tea Strainer
  • Cornstarch
  • Toothpick

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Several days in advance:

Step: 2

Make 20 plumeria flowers and 24 leaves using 1 recipe of gum paste. Make extras to allow for breakage.

Step: 3

For flowers, tint gum paste rose and roll out 1/16 in. thick.

Step: 4

For leaves, tint gum paste green with a little blue an black added; roll out 1/16 in. thick. Cut leaves using tulip leaf cutter from flower making set. Place on thin foam and score vein lines with veining tool.

Step: 5

Attach wire to back with adhesive; let dry on large flower formers dusted with cornstarch.

Step: 6

Bake and cool 1-layer 6 in. (3 in. high), 8 in. and 16 in. cakes and 2-layer 12 in. cake (bake two 2-1/2 in. layers for a 5 in. cake).

Step: 7

For bottom tier, bake and cool eight 1-layer 10 in. cakes; stack in tows on foil-wrapped plywood board to form a 20 in. wide x 4 in. high cake. Prepare cakes for stacked construction and rolled fondant.

Step: 8

Cover cakes in rolled fondant; smooth with Fondant Smoother.

Step: 9

Using buttercream, attach ribbon and pearl beading to base of each cake.

Step: 10

Pipe tip 2 scrolls and dots.

Step: 11

Place a small ball of fondant in flower spikes; insert flowers and leaves. Insert spikes in cake.


This cake combination serves 332. The top tier of a wedding cake is often saved for the first anniversary, so this number of servings does not include the top tier.