Polka-Dot Duck Tape® Purse
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Polka-Dot Duck Tape® Purse

Pretty in pink! Create this cute, fun purse using Duck Tape®.

Designed by the Michaels Design Studio.

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Duck® Brand Duct Tape, small

Duck® Brand Duct Tape

 Velcro® Sticky Back™ Fasteners, small

Velcro® Sticky Back™ Fasteners


Material List

  • Back to Basics Bandana – Pink Paisley
  • Duck Tape® – Pink Polka Dot
  • Velcro® Sticky Back™ Fasteners
  • Button – Style of Choice
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Fold a bandana in half and tie the corners together. Make sure to tie only the smallest amount and double knot.

Lay flat and smooth out any fabric. Fold in sides of bandana under the knots to create a rectangle shape.

Begin laying strips of Duck Tape® over the bandana on the front and back, overlapping each piece of tape.

Tape the bottom and sides as well.

To create the strap, fold 12" strips of tape together and then attach them all together with tape to make one large strap. Do this until you achieve desired length for the strap.

Tape strap to the front and back of bag. Use two pieces of tape to reinforce the strap.

To make attachment flap, tape two pieces of Duck Tape® about 8" long together. Tape another two pieces on top of those to make a non-sticky piece. Trim sides if needed. Tape to back of the bag in the top center.

Add a Sticky Back™ piece of Velcro® to the front of the bag and under the tab for the closure.

Use a Sticky Back™ piece of tape on the back of the button and attach to the front of the tab for decoration.