Pom Pom Stocking
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Pom Pom Stocking

From felt and pom poms to Christmas stocking in mere moments!
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • E-Z Felt, Red
  • Creatology™ ½-inch Pom poms: Green, White
  • Aleene’s® Tacky Glue
  • Blunt Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper Plate
  • Stocking Pattern (provided)

Project Instructions

Step: 1

A parent should print the stocking pattern provided.

Step: 2

Use the pencil to trace the stocking pattern onto red felt and cut out.

Step: 3

Cut a 1-inch by 4-inch piece of red felt, fold into a loop and glue ends together. Glue the loop to the back of the stocking for a hanger.

Step: 4

Glue white pom poms to the top of the stocking as shown.

Step: 5

Create polka dots by gluing the green pom poms to the remainder of the stocking as desired.

Step: 6

Let stocking dry completely before handling.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

Pour a small amount of glue onto a paper plate to dip pom-poms into. Younger children may need assistance with tracing and cutting stocking.

Adult supervision is required at all times.