Tips & Techniques

Preserving Memorabilia


Unprotected memorabilia such as posters, sporting and concert programs, album covers and especially autographed photos will deteriorate quickly without proper preservation. Framing old souvenirs or new ones like magazine covers and newspapers will create personalized, treasured mementos for years to come.

Michaels, the nation's largest custom framer, is offering these tips for preserving and displaying memorabilia to last for generations to come:

  • Mount photos and paper memorabilia on acid-free paper
  • Use acid-free glue and tape to mount items
  • Use glare-free conservation glass to prevent fading caused by the sun's UV rays
  • Group smaller items around your treasured piece to create a larger display

From ready-made to custom frames, Michaels can help preserve your treasures for generations. Visit your local Michaels store today for expert advice from our Custom Framing Specialists.







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