Princess Costume
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Princess Costume

This pretty princess costume is a Halloween favorite and sure to bring squeals of delight from your little trick or treater!
Designed by Michaels Design Team
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • For Costume Top
  • Jerzees® T-Shirt: Cyber Pink
  • Jerzees® T-Shirt: Pink
  • Tulip® T-Shirt Board
  • Tulip® Puff Paint: White
  • Tulip® Fashion Glitter™: Pink Pastel
  • Hirschberg Acrylic Jewels
  • Hirschberg Pink Tulle
  • Coordinating Ribbon: 1½-inch wide
  • Scissors
  • Low Temperature Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

  • For Tulle Skirt
  • Spool of Tulle: Pink
  • Wide Pink Ribbon (long enough to go around child and tie bow)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Stapler

  • For Hat
  • Foam Sheet: Pink
  • Craft Boa: White
  • Assorted Coordinating Sheer Ribbon
  • Foam Glue
  • Stapler
  • Scissors

  • For Wand
  • Paper Mache Star Ornament
  • Wood Dowel: ¼-inch
  • Acrylic Paint: White
  • Crystal Glitter
  • Assorted Acrylic Jewels
  • Assorted Coordinating Ribbon
  • Craft Glue
  • Foam Brush

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Costume Top
Wash t-shirts following manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use fabric softener.

Step: 2

Cut sleeves from cyber pink t-shirt. Cut neckline from shirt as shown. Note: The front and back are cut the same, so it is easier to cut through both at the same time.

Step: 3

With shirt laying flat, cut through the shirt bottom including the back, into a V shape, as shown.

Step: 4

Place shirt in t-shirt board. Draw the lines and scallops onto the shirt with white Puff Paint. While paint is still wet sprinkle with glitter and set rhinestones in paint, let dry. Shake off excess glitter saving for another project.

Step: 5

Place cyber pink over solid pink t-shirt to complete top of costume.

Step: 6

Tulle Skirt
Cut t-shirt under the sleeves to form a tube. Cut the tube vertically to create one strip of fabric and adjust length to fit child.

Step: 7

Cut as many tulle pieces as desired for top layer of skirt. Lay ribbon on flat surface and lay tulle pieces on bottom half of ribbon starting in the center. Staple to secure in place.

Step: 8

Glue t-shirt to top tulle with hem at bottom. Fold the ribbon over the t-shirt and glue in place. Extra ribbon will be for tying the skirt around child.

Step: 9

Form cone from pink foam sheet and staple along edges. Trim excess foam from base.

Step: 10

Glue craft boa around bottom edge of cone and trim excess.

Step: 11

Cut several lengths of ribbon and knot together at one end. Glue knotted end into top of hat.

Step: 12

Insert dowel into bottom of star.

Step: 13

Paint star and dowel with white; sprinkle with crystal glitter while still wet. Let dry.

Step: 14

Glue acrylic jewels onto star as desired.

Step: 15

Tie ribbon to dowel as shown and add glue to secure, as needed.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

The feather boa is available for purchase at Michaels.