Prismacolor® Brush Tip Markers Set of 48 w/ Case
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Prismacolor® Brush Tip Markers Set of 48 w/ Case

Item# fa2218

Introducing Prismacolor®’s Brush-Fine Art Marker! This marker has a brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other, making it the perfect marker for fashion, design and hobby applications. The ink is the same that we use in our Chisel-*Fine art markers and with one ink source ensures color consistency from end-to-end.

The 48pc set includes the following colors:

Cream, Deco Yellow, Canary Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Orange, Yellowed Orange, Pale Vermilion, Orange, Poppy Red, Goldenrod, Burnt Ochre, Light Peach, Peach, Sienna Brown, Dark Umber, Carmine Red, Crimson Red, Blush Pink, Tuscan Red, Process Red, Pink, Magenta, Rhodamine, Mulberry, Deco Pink, Lilac, Violet, Light Cerulean, True Blue, Ultramarine, Violet Blue, Indigo Blue, Blue Slate, Light Aqua, Aquamarine, True Green, Grass Green, Apple Green, Dark Green, Chartreuse, Limepeel, Spring Green, Olive Green, Light Umber, Dark Brown, and Black.

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