Purple Rain Bracelet
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Purple Rain Bracelet

Make it rain purple crystals with this enchanting bracelet.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Small Link Chain, 1 piece 30" – Black
  • Head Pins (2-3)
  • Large Jump Rings (6), Large
  • Bicone Crystal Beads, 6mm – Jet
  • Bicone Crystal Beads, 6mm – Siam
  • Bicone Crystal Beads, 6mm – Fuchsia
  • Bicone Mix, 6mm – Fog
  • Crystal Rondelles (20), 6mm – Black
  • Crystal Rondelles (10), 6mm – Clear
  • Chain Nose Pliers, 1 or 2 pair
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Round Memory Wire

Project Instructions

Cut a length of memory wire that is eight-plus loops long. The "plus" is the bit extra you need to form the end loops and still have a bracelet that goes around the wrist eight times.

DO NOT cut memory wire with your good wire cutters (unless you want to ruin them). To cut memory wire, you will want to use heavy-duty wire cutters from the garage or specially made memory wire cutters, not your good flush cutters.

Turn a closed loop on one end. Bend one end of the wire tightly around the round nose pliers to make a small loop. Make sure the loop is completely closed so that no beads can fall off and small enough that it doesn't stand out and interfere with your design.

This design is made up of groups of color so there is no need to lay out your design first. You want a somewhat random alternation of bead colors. Each group does not need to have the same amount of beads. Examine how the colors are coming together as you go along and look for colors to randomize as they go around the loops.

String your beads, alternating with the spacer rondelles, leaving just enough wire to close the other end with a turned loop.

Turn the closing loop as you did the starting loop. When creating the end loop, it helps to bend the wire at a right angle to the beads before making the loop. This serves to anchor the beads in place and give a bit more leverage for turning the loop. A flat nose pliers is best for forming the right angle, but not necessary.

Use head pins and a variety of crystal beads to create two to three dangles as follows: Thread beads onto head pin, use chain nose pliers to bend wire to a 90-degree angle just above bead, use wire cutters to trim head pin to about ½" from the bend, use round nose pliers to grip the end of the wire and curl it toward you to form a loop. Repeat with all head pins and beads.

Link chain and dangles randomly throughout the piece with jump rings. Try wearing the bracelet as you apply the chain so that you can achieve a pleasing design. Add a dangle to the end of the memory wire for added charm.