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Item# gc0182

QuickHOLD™ comes in a 2.0 oz nozzle tip tube for precise applications. It’s an all-purpose craft contact adhesive and sealant that lays down a thin adhesive bead for fine detail. Use it when you need a quick hold fast. It sets in 2-3 minutes and is fully cured in 2-6 hours. QuickHOLD™ is waterproof and great for decorating craft projects in and around water. It’s also paintable for continuous color on craft projects and is resistant to alcohol, gasoline and most solvents.


  • Glass / Rhinestone
  • Clay Pottery / Rocks / Sea Shells
  • Beads / Fabric
  • Ceramic / Wood
  • Glass / Metal


  1. Apply a thin coat of QuickHOLD to both surfaces.
  2. Allow to set until tacky: press together firmly and allow to dry.

SPECIAL TIPS:  To extend life of product be sure cap is secured back to original position.

TEMPERATURE RECOMMENDATIONS/LIMITATIONS:  Performs best when applied between 70 to 85 degrees F.  When fully cured, product can withstand temperatures between -40 and 150 degrees F.

CURE RATE & DRYING TIME:  Fully cures in 2 - 6 hours at 70 degrees F. Speed dry: 2 - 3 minutes.

CLEAN UP & REMOVAL RECOMMENDATIONS:  QuickHOLD can be cleaned by using solvents such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone or Acetone.

CAUTION ADVISORIES OR SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS:  Use QuickHOLD in a well ventilated area.  QuickHOLD may damage finished surfaces.  Avoid prolonged contact until QuickHOLD is completely dry.  Do not dry clean. Always test material samples prior to use on project.

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  • Non Toxic
  • Kid Friendly
  • Flammable
  • Waterproof
  • Dries Clear
  • Repositionable