Rainbow Rock Heart Tee
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Rainbow Rock Heart Tee

This groovy T-shirt has heart. It's the perfect project for Valentine's Day. Be sure to make several--all the cool kids will want one! Design by Sulfiati Harris
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Tie Dye Kit
  • Bucket or dishpan
  • Cotton baseball shirt
  • Disappearing ink pen, chalk or pencil
  • Jar
  • Needle
  • Paper
  • Thread, strong or dental floss

Project Instructions

Step: 1

To make a heart pattern, fold sheet of paper in half. Trace the half heart design on the paper and cut out on the traced line.

Step: 2

To bind the shirt, put the pattern around the fold so that you have the half heart centered on the folded shirt. Draw around it with the disappearing ink pen. Stitch on the heart line with a needle and strong thread or dental floss that is knotted at the end.

Step: 3

After stitching, remove the needle and knot the other end so the thread won't pull out. Wet the shirt. Pull up the thread to gather the heart tightly. Put a rubber band over the gathers, matching it to where the thread is.

Step: 4

Make sure you band right on top of where the thread makes the gathers. Put more rubber bands at about 3-4-inch intervals all the way out to the sleeves.

Step: 5

Wearing gloves, soak the bound shirt in soda ash solution for 20 minutes. Remove from solution and squeeze out excess moisture.

Step: 6

To apply the full-strength dyes, wear gloves and squeeze excess moisture out of shirt. Place shirt on the blotter of paper towels that you have already set up. Wearing gloves, apply turquoise dye on a line right next to the rubber bands around the heart. Apply a bit of fuchsia right next to the turquoise. Turn shirt over and apply dye on the back.

Step: 7

Dilute dyes as follows: To mix pink dye, pour half of the fuchsia dye into a jar and refill the bottle with water. Repeat process to make a half-strength turquoise dye mixture. Apply the pink dye to the heart section and then to some of the areas on the rest of the shirt.

Step: 8

When the bottle is half-full, fill with the diluted turquoise to make a lilac dye. Apply the lilac dye on the body of the shirt and the sleeves, avoiding the heart section.

Step: 9

Let set and rinse. Cover the shirt with plastic wrap and let set 4-8 hours, or longer for more intense color. Rinse in warm water until the water runs almost clear. Wash with detergent on warm water cycle, no bleach; machine or line dry. Wash shirt at least one additional time before washing with other like colors. Do not allow dyed shirt to sit wet on other clothes. The color is permanent and will last through many washes.


Please refer to General Directions in the tie-dye kit for background information.

Add water to the soda ash fixer and the turquoise and fuchsia dyes according to kit directions.

Also set up the dye area by covering your work surface with plastic and by making a blotter of folded paper towels, according to kit directions.

Dazzle Dye colors can also be used for this design. Follow enclosed directions included in the Dazzle Dye box to mix dyes and fixers.

Shirt used has a pink body with white sleeves.