Raku Finish Lamp
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Raku Finish Lamp

This technique combines the flat finish of hand thrown terra cotta pottery and the brilliant metallic accents of beautiful crystal glazes.

Designed by Becca Malone, courtesy of Krylon®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Krylon® Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Ruddy Brown
  • Krylon® Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Flat Black
  • Krylon® Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Blue Ocean Breeze
  • Krylon® Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Hunter Green
  • Krylon® Make It Stone!® Metallic Textured Paints - Copper
  • Krylon® Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze - Clear Gloss
  • Krylon® Premium Metallic - 18KT. Gold Plate
  • Lamp & Frame or other project of choice
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Spray Bottle

Project Instructions

It is necessary to work quickly with this technique before paint dries since it is the interaction between wet paints and colors that create the beautiful crystal glaze.

Prime entire surface of project with an even coat of Ruddy Brown Primer. Over this lightly mist Flat Black, making black heavier in some areas and lighter in others, thus creating a burned effect. 

To create surface texture, spray top half of project (or whatever you consider the focal area) with a solid coat of Make It Stone Metallic Copper, allowing color to become lighter as it drifts down sides of project. 

To create the crystal glaze around top of project or focal area, spray with a heavy coat of crystal clear glaze. Immediately follow over glaze with heavy spot sprays of Blue Ocean Breeze and Hunter Green, layering and overlapping colors. Over this, quickly spray 18 KT. Gold Plate, and as paint begins to run, lightly mist with a coarse spray of denatured alcohol. Do not move project until glaze is completely dry.