Recollections™ U R #1 Tag
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Recollections™ U R #1 Tag

Let them know how they rate with this shimmering #1 gift tag. Shimmer shades of cardstock combine with glitter accents to create a tag that will stand out from the rest!
Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Recollections™ Box of Cards – Shimmer and Glitter
  • Rub-on – White Letters
  • Sticker, 1" – Alphabet and Numbers of Choice
  • Eyelet – White
  • Silk Ribbon, ¾" – White
  • Ribbon, 3/8" – Silver
  • Mesh Ribbon – Blue
  • Silk Ribbon, 3/8" – Blue
  • Paper Craft Punches – 1¾" Circle, 2¼" Circle, 3" Scalloped Circle
  • Scoring Tool
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Paper Crafting Adhesive
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Adhesive Foam Squares
  • Scissors
  • Pen – White

Project Instructions

Step 1 Select a purple, blue, and silver card from the shimmer box of cards. Select a silver glitter card from the metallic box of cards. To begin preparing your tag, cut the tag base from the purple card. Note: this needs to have a rounded edge on one side and a straight edge on the other, measuring approximately 3½"x5½" from end to end. Set this piece aside.

Step 2 Punch out three circles as follows: one 3½" scalloped glitter circle (using the silver glitter card), one 1¾" circle (again using the silver glitter card), and one 2¼" circle (using the silver shimmer card). Adhere the 1¾" silver glitter circle to one side of the blue shimmer card, leaving a 1/8" border around the outside; cut out. Cut out a 2-1/8" circle (you can freehand this or use a guide) from the purple shimmer card, adhere this to the center of the 2¼" silver shimmer circle. Set these aside.

Step 3 Punch out two 1¾" circles from the blue shimmer card. Set aside momentarily.

Step 4 Cut 4 strips measuring 1¼"x5½" from your blue shimmer card. Lay the first piece in front of you lengthwise. Beginning at one end, make a score line from top to bottom every ¼" until you reach the end. Repeat with the remaining pieces. Fold the first piece accordion style. Fold the second piece opposite of the first (if you started by folding the first section up, fold the first section down on this one, folding the rest accordion style). Repeat above process with remaining pieces. Adhere one end of each piece together with hot glue to form a long chain. Adhere remaining two ends together, also with hot glue, to form a cylinder. Once the glue has cooled, put your cylinder on a flat surface. Push the top edges gently out until they are flat against your surface and the bottom edges are gathered in the middle. Use your hands to tighten the rosette (push it in towards the center), ensuring that it is 2½" across. Apply a large dot of glue to the back of your first circle and attach this in the center of your rosette. Holding onto the middle, flip the rosette over and repeat on the back with the remaining circle.

Step 5 Take out your ribbon (except the 3/8" blue silk ribbon) and cut two pieces of each that are 3½" long. Using the image as a reference, adhere each set together as follows: white silk ribbon on the bottom, blue frayed ribbon in the middle and silver ribbon on the top.

Step 6 Once the above steps are completed, begin adhering everything together in the following order: Tag base, 3½" silver glitter cardstock scalloped circle, and blue rosette. Note: you will need to use hot glue to adhere the blue rosette in place. Continue by adhering the circle sets as well as the ribbon, using adhesive foam squares to give them dimension.
Step 7 Finish off the tag by adding alphabet stickers, rub-on letters, and any desired journaling. Set eyelet next to rosette, add ribbon, and attach to gift.


•Change up the color scheme to match your current project.
•Instead of using the eyelet, punch a hole and insert ribbon directly.

Craft Notes

Crafted by Celeste Crockett.