Red Om Bracelet
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Red Om Bracelet

This bracelet uses the popular "ladder stitch" to create a very trendy style seen worn with today's most popular fashions.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Amulet™ Charms – Chinese Coin and OM
  • Round Beads, 6mm – Red
  • Leather Cording, 2mm – Brown
  • Jump Rings, 6mm – Gold
  • Lobster Claw Clasp, Medium – Gold
  • Cord Crimps – Gold
  • Nylon Thread, Fine Gauge – Black
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Foam Core (or Cardboard), Large Piece
  • Binder Clips
  • Scissors (or Wire Cutters)

Project Instructions

To create an 8" long bracelet, cut a 24" length of leather cording. Cut a 24" piece of nylon thread.

Fold leather cording in half. Tie one end of nylon thread to leather cord at folded section, securing with a simple knot. Wrap nylon thread around both sides of leather cord several times. Attach cord crimp to end.

Use binder clips to clip both ends of leather cord to a piece of foam core or cardboard to hold it straight and secure. Hold the board sideways so that it will be comfortable to work with.

Bring the nylon thread under the leather cord and add a bead. Slide the bead so it is snug against the leather cord. Loop the thread over the other leather cord and come back under it and back through the bead.

Loop the thread over the first leather cord and add another bead, looping the thread and going back through the bead as before. Snug up each bead as you go, keeping the leather lace just enough apart to accommodate the beads. Continue until adding 26 beads for an 8" bracelet. Add or subtract beads to fit your wrist size.

To finish bracelet, wrap the nylon thread around the leather cord ends multiple times and tie a simple knot with the nylon thread. Attach cord crimp to end and trim off excess cording and thread using scissors or wire cutters.

Use chain nose pliers to add jump rings to each crimp end and attach lobster claw clasp.

Add the Om and coin charms with jump rings and enjoy!